Tom Cruise took Hollywood by surprise when he announced that he was dating a much younger woman, actress Katie Holmes, in 2005, followed by their marriage a year later. Almost immediately after they went public with their relationship, people began speculating that he had enlisted the help of the Church of Scientology to help him find the right woman by holding “auditions”—Holmes even began to slowly convert after they got together.

That’s why it was an even bigger shock when she unexpectedly filed for divorce in 2011, reportedly out of fear that Scientology would ruin their daughter’s life. Since the widely publicized split, Holmes has kept a pretty low profile. And although she seems to be doing okay, separating from her older man hasn’t been easy on the young actress. “She had the courage to leave and take control of her life,” a producer close to Holmes told People magazine. “Things have been tough for her, but she’s happy. She’s moving on.”

Although there have been romance rumors, Holmes has made it pretty clear that she’s not ready to date anyone else just yet because she wants to focus on raising her daughter and reviving her dwindling acting career.


Despite the rough times for Holmes, she seems to have made a smart decision to leave because Cruise is still getting heat for following the Scientology faith. It was recently revealed that before Holmes, Cruise tried to convert his ex-girlfriend, actress Penelope Cruz, to the religion. They ended their relationship after three years and Scientology was believed to be one of the biggest reasons for their break-up.

What do you think: Should Katie Holmes have stayed with Tom Cruise or did she make the right decision to leave him?


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