What is Pokemon Go Plus? Here are the Price & Pre Order Details

What is Pokemon Go Plus
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Poketrainers get ready! The popular game developers, Niantic Labs has developed the Pokemon Go Plus wearable device, and is launching it on September 16, 2016 in “most countries.” The launch date was revised after Apple’s September 7 press conference, where Niantic announced that a Pokemon Go version for the Apple Watch is on it’s way. Since then, Poketrainers have been searching online for terms like, “what is Pokemon go plus?,” “Pokemon go plus price,” “what is Pokemon go plus pre-order,” “Pokemon go plus amazon,” and “Pokemon go plus launch date.” So, read on because we have all the news right here.

Pokemon Go Plus is a Bluetooth sensor that uses LED and vibrations to inform the player when Pokemon and Pokéstops are near. It can be worn on the wrist or as a pin and is priced at $34.99. It allows the gamers to play the game without actually having their smartphones out. It’s function is similar to health and fitness apps. A button on the Pokemon Go Plus allows the user to catch Pokemon and collect items at Pokéstops. You can check your journal later to see which Pokemon you have caught.

Pre-orders for the new device opened again recently. Nintendo was working on the device and was scheduled to launch in July. However, the launch date of the companion peripheral was pushed back to September. Nintendo said it needed more time to develop the Pokemon Go Plus to work better with the the game, and had earlier apologized for the launch delay to customers who pre-ordered Pokemon Go Plus. Nintendo has promised the inconvenienced customers a discount on future purchases. Nevertheless, the pre-orders seem to have mounted up and the device remains sold out at Amazon and Gamestop.

Since the Pokemon hype peaked with the launch of the game in July, the game has experienced a dip in its popularity, dropping from 45 million active users in July to 30 million in August! Even though hundreds of people are downloading the game everyday, not everyone is a hardcore player. Safety and high consumption of phone battery are also some of the reasons why the popularity of the game has taken a hit. The developers are hoping new hardware will attract more players and keep active users hooked to the game as it eliminates the need to constantly check the phone.


There are still doubts regarding the Pokemon Go accessory, and many have questions like, “does the game need to be actively running on the phone for the device to work?” and “Will it track player-movement for hatching eggs or motion-related activities?” Either way, Pokemon Go Plus is one of the most anticipated devices this year, next to the iPhone 7, so get it before it’s sold out!




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