Just when you think American Horror Story couldn’t get darker, it does. The latest episode of American Horror Story: Cult had some major plot twists and turns, which made everything even more horrifying.

Last night’s (October 3) episode of American Horror Story: Cult was totally unhinged when it came to being plain gruesome. If you’re one of those who watched the episode peeking between your fingers, welcome to the club. Viewers finally see Kai’s backstory, which makes everything worse. His murderous ways are leveling up and this time an innocent gimp was a victim. What is a gimp and how does it play into the cult’s plans? We’ve got an explanation to last night’s AHS.

Bob Signs His Death Sentence

We begin with Bob Thompson and Beverly Hope arguing over her sensationalized reporting of crimes provoked by Kai. Bob calls her out for fear-mongering but Beverly is furious that he didn’t air the footage of Serena being murdered. Beverly threatens him with going public about him sexually harassing Serena, but he fires her anyway. Little did he know that his action lands him on Kai’s killer cult hit list.

The freshly out-of-a-job Beverly heads to a meeting with the cult where Kai, Winter, Det. Samuels, and R.J. are just talking about amping up the crime wave so Kai could ride on the fear to the city council. That’s when Ivy enters, revealing herself as a member of the cult. Those who called it two episodes ago can take a moment to shout, “I told you so!”


Ivy hating Ally for the Jill Stein vote aside, Beverly proclaims that if they want to spread fear, the people need to see the clowns. Fancy she mentions that because now it’s Kai’s turn to get on her case for not getting Bob to air Serena’s murder. But Kai knows who deserves his anger more and he decides to kill Bob “in the most satanic way possible.”

The cult in their clowns finest descend upon Bob’s home, ready for bloodshed. Kai orders them to chant in Latin throughout because “Latin is inherently scary.” The group surrounds Bob while chanting. His attempts to offer them money and escape are of no use and they torture him on video. Just before they are about to stab him to death, Bob reveals he has a gimp in the attic.

What Is a Gimp?

For the unaware, there are several meanings for the word “gimp.” In AHS, it has a slang connotation. The dictionary defines it as “a sexual fetishist who likes to be dominated and who dresses in a leather or rubber body suit with mask, zips, and chains.” As it turns out, Bob not only has a thing for his employees, but is also into some Fifty Shades stuff, which he indulges in with his unknown gimp.

Bob and his gimp have a disturbing fetish, wherein the gimp likes being suspended by meat hooks running through his skin. Weirdly, Bob wears latex gloves during their ritual/ session/ thing/ whatever you can call it, and licks the blood off of them.

The gimp was blinded and deafened by a mask, and has no idea there’s a cult of killer clowns there to murder his partner. The cult members debate what to do with the gimp. Some vote to kill him, too, but R.J. suggests they should let him go since he doesn’t even know they are here.


Not one to lose an opportunity to murder, Kai then stabs Bob’s pal without warning! The single stab breaks the gimp’s rig and he writhes in pain as those hooks literally tear through his skin! Beverly’s finishing blow to Bob’s head with an ax does him in. And for suggesting to let the gimp go, the cult kills R.J. with a nail gun. Yikes!


A Twist in the Plot?

This isn’t the first time a gimp was introduced in AHS. The first season showed Evan Peters wear a rubber suit and haunt the Harmons in AHS: Murder House. The Rubber Man then had a significant role, but Bob’s gimp isn’t even credited for this episode.

AHS loves to mix sex and gore, and sometimes the writers love to throw things at us that may not make sense but have an impact on the larger narrative. The introduction of a gimp showed a side toof Bob we never even suspected. What each cult member suggests to do with the gimp shows each of their personalities. Harrison is all for murder, R.J. established himself as the weak link and got himself killed, Ivy is slipping from Kai’s control, and Beverly is subtly manipulating Kai.

But still, AHS fans are asking if it was necessary to give a nameless gimp a bloody death. As with most of this series, we can never tell. And who knows, Bob’s gimp could be another character on the show, which could be another plot bomb down the line for our weak hearts.


We’ll just have to wait and see in the next episode of American Horror Story: Cult Tuesday nights at 10:00 p.m. EST on FX.

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