What Happens When You’re Richer Than Your Rich Older Man


It doesn’t come as much of a surprise that a lot of young women are open to dating an older man with money—having a sugar daddy is like having a security blanket of financial stability. But a new survey shows that rich men actually prefer to date a woman who doesn’t have as much money as them, while, of course, rich women want someone who’s even richer than they are.

A dating web site that matches up rich men with suitable sugar babies asked nearly 15,000 of their male millionaire members about the ideal earnings of a potential partner, and a whopping 80% said they look for women who earn less than they do, while nearly 85% of the millionaire women looking for a match on the site said they would prefer to date a man who is financially stable himself. In other words, both men and women seek out the sugar daddy lifestyle, regardless of how much the woman makes herself.

When asked why these sugar daddies wouldn’t be interested in a woman who had just as much money as them, the men admitted that they wanted to enjoy being with “younger, attractive women,” someone who “appreciates things,” rather than date a “bossy, middle-aged millionaire.” Being a sugar daddy obviously reinforces the male ego—being able to take care of a beautiful younger woman in every way possible makes him feel like a provider, and what man doesn’t want to have that kind of power?

Male and female millionaires also appear to be on opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to guarding their money. While 82% of rich women would require a prenup before marriage, only 17.4% of the rich men would request one. This just goes to show why the sugar daddy lifestyle is so popular—men want to spend their money on young, beautiful women, even if that means putting it all on the line.


What do you think: Would it be a deal breaker if you found out that you made more money than your man?


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