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The internet is awash with reports about Amber Wheeler’s going missing and presumed dead. And when it became viral, many thought it was meteorologist Amber Wheeler who went missing. So, naturally, they wondered what happened to meteorologist Amber Wheeler. But the question is, has she gone missing, or is this just a death hoax? Fortunately, the meteorologist has come forward with an update. So, keep reading to find out what meteorologist Amber Wheeler said about her missing and death reports.

Who Is Meteorologist Amber Wheeler?

Amber Wheeler, a native of North Carolina, has always been fascinated by the weather and its force. This fascination dates to her childhood experiences with tornadoes. She also witnessed Hurricane Fran’s devastation in 1996.

Wheeler earned a degree in media studies, news, and documentary from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. After that, she pursued her childhood fascination and studied broadcast meteorology at Mississippi State University.The meteorologist started her broadcasting career in 2006 at WFMY News 2 in Greensboro as a multimedia journalist and newscast director. She then moved to North Dakota and joined the KX News Team at KXMB-TV.

Wheeler joined the KX News staff in Bismarck in 2012 but left in February 2023. But she recently joined WVUE FOX 8 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Is Meteorologist Amber Wheeler Missing?

According to reports, meteorologist Amber Wheeler is missing. However, it has been confirmed that it’s not FOX8 NOLA’s Amber Wheeler.

Reportedly, a female with the same name as the meteorologist has gone missing. But what’s happened to her has not been made public yet. Some have claimed that the real Amber Wheeler, who went missing, is from Detroit and is now dead.

Furthermore, meteorologist Amber Wheeler has debunked the reports about her going missing. Some websites have used her picture with Amber Wheeler’s missing report, which has added to more confusion.

While talking about the false news on Twitter, the meteorologist said, “It’s my understanding there’s a girl with my same name. She has gone missing and it’s not been made public about what’s happened to her yet. Only rumors right now. My heart aches for her. Someone irresponsibly used my photo when talking about her.”

Furthermore, the meteorologist is alive and well. Wheeler continues providing the weather reports as usual on the newscasts.

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On March 28, 2023, the weather forecaster posted on Facebook, “There is apparently an Amber Wheeler missing but it’s not me! My heart breaks for the Amber that is missing. People have been using my photo in many places as her and I’ve gotten many messages about it. Please keep Amber’s family and friends in your thoughts during this awful time! (Edit to add I don’t know the story about the other Amber. I can’t find reliable sources. I really hope that’s also an untrue story!).”