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When Phil DeCastro was absent from the WLUK-TV weathercasts for a few weeks, FOX 11 News viewers got worried. They assumed he was having back issues, but still, they wondered what happened to meteorologist Phil DeCastro. Having the meteorologist away for so long was worrisome, and his straightforward weather updates were sorely missed. But now, WLUK FOX 11 News viewers are happy he is back. Read on to find out about the meteorologist’s absence.

Meteorologist Phil DeCastro’s Health Update

Since he was a kid, New Jersey native Phil DeCastro has been a scientific buff who preferred watching The Weather Channel and the Discovery Channel over cartoons.

Subsequently, he graduated in 2009 with a degree in meteorology, with a concentration in forecasting and communications from Penn State.

Right after he graduated, DeCastro started his professional career in Marquette, Michigan, where he worked as the morning meteorologist with WLUC TV6 & FOX UP.

In November 2011, DeCastro moved to Green Bay, Wisconsin, and became a weather anchor for WLUK FOX 11 News’ Severe Weather Center. He was welcomed with open arms by viewers and was their go-to weatherman.

Therefore, when he was MIA for the last few weeks, Green Bay residents worried and wondered what had happened to meteorologist Phil DeCastro. But he has recently given an update about his whereabouts on his social media accounts.

Phil DeCastro underwent minor back surgery in late March 2023 at Bellin Health surgery center. His recovery is going well, and the weather anchor is back on the broadcasts now. He returned to work on April 15, 2023.

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His colleague, Gabriella Premus, welcomed him with a funny post with a new Snapchat AI filter and said, “Meteorologist Phil DeCastro’s procedure took him out for too long… we’ve both aged since he’s been away… I think time was a little more forgiving with me.”