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Hot 99.5 listeners in Washington, D.C. were surprised when The Kane Show was removed from its on-air schedule. The popular syndicated show of 14 years was instead replaced with Your Morning Show, which brings back the original hosts of The Kane Show without the titular Kane. This sudden change-up comes as a surprise, so many fans want to know what happened to Kane. The rumor mill is in overdrive with theories about Kane’s sudden departure from the show, with people wondering if it has something to do with past legal issues. 

What Happened to The Kane Show in 2020?

The Kane Show was part of iHeartRadio’s programming for 14 years, airing on Hot 99.5 stations in D.C., Baltimore, Tampa Bay, and other locations. But, on April 12, it was removed from the on-air schedule without any further information.

The last broadcasts of The Kane Show aired on April 10 and April 13, Your Morning Show began airing in its place. The new show brings back Kane’s former co-hosts Intern John, Riley Couture, and Radio Rose.

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Kane, whose real name is Peter Deibler, is not part of the new show. His departure from the show is abrupt and the station hasn’t explained the reason behind it yet. Deibler hasn’t publicly commented on it either.

Social media users are speculating that the radio host was either fired or he quit. The reason behind these unsavory rumors has to do with Deibler’s past arrest.

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What Happened to Kane and His Ex-Wife?

Peter Deibler was arrested in May 2016 and charged with second-degree assault on his ex-wife, Natasha Deibler.

In the highly contentious court proceedings that followed, the parents of two daughters together accused each other of substance abuse and unspecified erratic behavior.

The charges were later dropped and their divorce was finalized.

According to Natasha’s personal blog, Peter went on his radio show to announce his divorce and painted her as a gold-digger.

The Kane Show listeners were divided after the incident. While some remained fans of the show, others had wanted iHeartMedia to fire him.

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The re-branding of The Kane Show in 2020 without Kane has once again raised the same topic of discussion.

There are those who are disappointed that Kane is no longer part of the show, while others approve of the decision.

However, it’s not known if the past drama with his ex-wife has anything to do with his departure from the show. There’s also no statement confirming if the host was let go or if he quit.

Intern John credited Deibler with bringing to cast together on the show. He said that even though he is no longer on the show, Kane “is still part of our iHeart Family.”

This could be a sign that Kane might not have been fired; maybe he could make a comeback in another show on iHeartMedia.

Former Kane Show personality, Danni Starr, who had her own contentious exit from the show in 2016, made an appeal to iHeartMedia to explain what’s happening to its loyal audience.

Her Instagram post seemed to imply there’s more going on than we know, suggesting that there are “victims” and “non-disclosures” involved. However, there’s no official information on these allegations.

Dear @iheartradio when you announce that you fired @kaneshow I certainly hope you tell the truth about why. Please don’t paint a pretty picture. You owe it to ALL of his victims and the listeners to tell the truth. I also hope you lift all the non-disclosures you had his victims sign – you knew what you were doing and WHO you were protecting when you muzzled us. May God have mercy on you for the things you covered up and tolerated. -Danielle

Hopefully, Starr’s Instagram plea and the fans’ requests work and the station can explain the reason behind Kane’s exit.

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