Finding love in real life is hard, nevermind finding it on a reality dating show, especially when new people are entering the show regularly. The same thing happened on Monday’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise. With new contestants joining the show each week, certain questions about each of them arise. For example, many who fell in love with Sarah are curious as to what happened to Sarah from Bachelor in Paradise’s arm? Many fans of the show are Googling terms like, “Sarah Herron’s arm,” and “Sarah from Bachelor in Paradise” in order to gain some answers. Well, you have come to the right place because we will provide you with all the details about Sarah Herron.

We all have that one favorite contestant that we root for to win the show. Just a warning that if you missed Monday’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise, then stop reading this article, as it contains spoilers about last night’s elimination! If you have missed out on last night’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise, then you will be disappointed to know that Sarah Herron was sent home without a rose.

Sarah Herron was probably one of the most sensible Bachelor in Paradise contestants we have seen so far. Sarah Herron was born with amniotic band syndrome, which is a condition wherein a part of the amniotic sac ruptures and only the amnion is affected, and fibrous bands from the amnion float in the amniotic fluid. Due to this, there is a high risk of one or more limbs getting entrapped in the fibrous bands. As the fetus grows, the bands restrict growth of the limb, cutting off circulation and, in some cases, amputation the limb from the rest of the body is required.

However, Sarah does not consider it to be a hindrance and even though she was eliminated, she has won several hearts outside the show. Initially, we saw that Sarah and Daniel Maguire had become close to each other. In fact, Sarah was so charmed by Daniel that even though she went on a date with Christian Bishop, she still gave the rose to Daniel. Hence, Christian got eliminated and left the show.

However, there was a certain twist when Ashley Laconetti asked Daniel out on a date, because he immediately agreed to it. The twins, Haley and Emily Ferguson, also wanted to stay on the show and they desperately wanted Daniel’s rose. So, Haley talked to Daniel and convinced him that she is into him (a bold-faced lie) and her sister Emily convinced her to “take one for the team” by giving him a kiss. (Enter, most awkward kiss ever.) Daniel then gave his rose to Haley, and this way both the twins stayed back and Sarah and Ashley were sent home.

However, Ashley wasn’t willing to leave without a fight. She pleaded her case with the other contestants to allow her to stay, promising to revisit this opportunity with an open mind and an open heart (and give up her obsession with Jared).  They decided to give her a second chance. Sarah went back home with grace and without creating any fuss or drama on the show. The good news is, Sarah and Daniel remain to be good friends and there are no hard feelings between each other.

Who will win the show and end up happy in love? For that you need to continue watching the show! If you want more information on any of the Bachelor in Paradise contestants, then you should click here.