Roger Barr on “Chasing Classic Cars". Credits:Facebook/Roger Barr

Discovery Channel’s Chasing Classic Cars mechanic Roger Barr has been showcasing his skills on the series alongside his partner and childhood friend, Wayne Carini, who has a keen eye for vintage and valuable cars. But now, fans want to know what happened to Roger Barr from Chasing Classic Cars.

Rumors about Roger Barr’s death have been confusing fans, but the man is very much alive! He met with an accident for which he was hospitalized.

Barr’s friend, Steve Cripps, set up a GoFundMe account to help with the expenses.

Roger Barr Was Hospitalized for Infections

When news broke out that Discovery Channel’s one-of-a-kind master mechanic was hospitalized, fans were concerned. A crowdfunding account was then set up for the reality star after cutting his leg, and an infection developed.

Roger Barr, age 82, became injured while working at F40 Motorsports, and his infectection led to hospitalization.

His leg was infected once before in August 2017, and he was hospitalized then, too. He recovered and was back to work around November 2017.

When Barr became injured again, the bacterial infection returned, accompanied by other troubles. And for a man who is over 80, this proved to be more than agonizing.

Back in March and April, Roger Barr’s Facebook page (run by his son and wife) displayed a message to fans. It said that they were having troubles with the page and were working on making it better.

Barr is unable to work full-time at the shop, which is where a lot of the filming happens.

In March 2018, a GoFundMe account was set up for $10,000 to help pay for medical expenses. The account is just under $1,000 shy of reaching the goal.

Road to Recovery

Roger Barr is doing much better now and is filled with gratitude! He took to Facebook to thank all the people who helped him through his difficult times.

“Just a short post to thank all of you who have given me support with the latest medical set back…I do not have the words to tell you how much it means to me. Will try to find those words soon,” he wrote on the social media website.

The latest update on Roger Barr’s health came through a post on June 11, 2018, which indicated that he was feeling better. So much so that he helped fix his wife’s snow tires, too.

He’s in need of new knees, and is limping but is able to get some work done around the shop as well as at home.

It looks like Roger Barr had injured his back along with his legs in the mishap, and although he is not a 100%, there has been a great deal of recovery since.

Chasing Classic Cars is on Velocity now with new episodes airing Tuesdays at 10:00 p.m. EST.