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America’s Got Talent Season 12 premiered with the same panel of judges and an all new host. While Tyra Banks is fabulous as always, we’re still wondering what happened to Nick Cannon. Where is the the former host now?

On May 30, the best talents from all over America came to audition for America’s Got Talent Season 12. Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Mel B., and Howie Mandel were back on the judges panel. One familiar face we didn’t see was Nick Cannon. The longtime AGT host has been replaced with none other than Tyra Banks. Why did Nick Cannon quit America’s Got Talent? He set the record straight himself and we’ve got the scoop right here.

Where is Nick Cannon Now?

Musician, comedian, and the father of Mariah Carey’s children, Nick Cannon has been the longtime host of America’s Got Talent. He took over for Jerry Springer in Season 4 and hosted the show until Season 11, when Grace VanderWaal won. This season will be the first time since 2009 that Cannon will not host AGT.

The rumor mill was buzzing that NBC execs were planning to fire him. But before that could happen, Cannon announced that he’s walking away from the show. Why did Nick Cannon leave AGT? He explained his reasons in a lengthy Facebook post.

“It was brought to my attention by my ‘team’ that NBC believed that I was in breach of contract because I had disparaged their brand. In my defense, I would ask how so? Or is this just another way to silence and control an outspoken voice who often battles the establishment,” Cannon wrote.

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The Wild ‘n Out star said NBC execs took offense to some of the jokes he made during his comedy special, Stand-Up, Don’t Shoot. Since he was under contract with NBC, Cannon could have also been sued for breach of contract, but it was highly unlikely.

Cannon said he loved his time on AGT, but chose to walk away rather than apologize or self-censor himself as an artist. He also attributed his predicament to the race and gender-related power discrepancies still prevalent in the entertainment industry today.

Tyra Banks Steps In

Though Cannon made up his mind to leave, NBC was said to be hanging onto a string of hope that he would return. The network didn’t make a statement after Cannon’s post, but reportedly wanted him to stay.

Meanwhile, an adamant Cannon went on interviews where he called his ex, Mariah Carey, a “Queen” and explained, “When people start to put restraints on my creativity, as an artist, I just have to stand on my square and stand for something.” He added that money was never a factor in his decision, but it was tough walking away from the fans who loved him as the host of AGT.

It appeared that NBC gave up hope and looked for a new star to take over Cannon’s hosting duties. In the season 12 preview, the AGT judges threw a welcome party for their new host, Tyra Banks and Simon Cowell gloated about being the one who suggested that the smize extraordinaire take over.

There doesn’t appear to be any bad blood between the new and former host. Banks tweeted a picture of the flowers Cannon sent, congratulating her on the new gig. While some fans are still calling for Cannon to be brought back, he’s going to be pretty busy since the new season of MTV’s Wild ‘n Out is coming soon!

Though we miss Nick Cannon on AGT, the unbelievable talent on the show is making up for it. Don’t miss America’s Got Talent on NBC at 8 p.m. EST every Tuesday.