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It’s been a weird 24 hours for fans of iDubbbz. The YouTube star’s channel was terminated and then reinstated. But, the termination doesn’t come as much of a surprise. If you’ve followed iDubbbz’s YouTube channel, then you know that his content often skirts the lines of YouTube’s policies. So, what happened to iDubbbz? Why was iDubbbz’s terminated channel reinstated? Keep reading as the answers may surprise you.

iDubbbz’s Brief Bio

Ian Kane Washburn is a YouTube celebrity that was born on July 27, 1991. He began uploading video gaming videos on August 30, 2012, but those began to fall by the wayside for his themed videos, “Kickstarter Crap” and “Content Cop.”

Currently, iDubbbz’s YouTube channel has over five million subscribers and a Twitter following of over one million.

iDubbbz has been dating fellow YouTube star Anisa Jomha for just over a year now.

iDubbbz’s Past YouTube Controversies

Like many YouTubers, iDubbbz had some controversies with many of his YouTube videos in the past. His “Content Cop” videos have occasionally been hot-button topics, as they feature him calling out fellow YouTubers on the horrible things they say and do in their videos. And, the subjects of those videos often got annoyed and angry at iDubbbz’s criticisms.


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iDubbbz is also known to call out others for their use of derogatory language. However, he tends to use similar language himself.

Obviously, some of those complaints end up being sent to YouTube. Sometimes, they investigate these complaints, and at times, those investigations can have repercussions.

For many viewers, when iDubbbz’s YouTube channel disappeared due to termination, it wasn’t a big surprise. What may be a big surprise is why the channel was terminated.

iDubbbz’s Channel Termination

YouTube has been tweaking their algorithms over the past few months. These changes have caused issues for many channels. These include a loss of monetization, videos being pulled, and entire channels being terminated.

Sometimes, these are purposely done, but in other instances, the algorithms have weirdly converged and accidentally caused issues for these YouTubers. And in the iDubbbz case, that’s exactly what happened. iDubbbz’s banned channel was just the unfortunate victim of bad YouTube logic.

Many YouTubers were struck down by a random meeting of zeroes and ones that came together and struck down channels, and unfortunately, iDubbbz is one of those content creators. In fact, he wasn’t the only one.

Other channels that got hit were Drama Alert, MrRepzion, and Team Coco. Yes, you read that right, Team Coco, otherwise known as the YouTube home of talk show host Conan O’Brien. And while arguments could be made about YouTubers liking iDubbbz’s termination, Team Coco, however, seems like a stretch.

Will They Be Back?

Obviously, channels with millions of subscribers get noticed when they are no longer accessible. And the people who run those channels go running to YouTube, which they should.

While Team Coco might have a great revenue stream outside of YouTube, many others who were affected by this algorithmic mishap rely on YouTube for their income. When their channels go down, they potentially lose money.

As of this writing, iDubbbz, Drama Alert, and Team Coco are back online, but MrRepzion is still waiting for his channel to go back up.


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