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Rapper G Herbo has gotten in trouble in the past, as fans will remember. In 2012, he was the victim of a drive-by shooting and took a bullet in his leg. He changed his outlook on life after that and continued to make the music he is loved for. Now, fans are freaking out because of a recently released video that shows the rapper in a hospital bed, telling fans he doesn’t think they will ever get another mixtape out of him. What happened to G Herbo? Read on for more on this story.

It seems G Herbo is in the hospital, and all his fans are asking, what happened to G Herbo? Why is G Herbo in the hospital? While it is true that G Herbo was in the hospital, the reason for his checking in is not clear. There has been no comment from G Herbo’s management, and even the rapper himself has not given any reason for his hospital visit.

His real name is Herbert Wright III, but he is better known by his stage name, G Herbo, earlier known as Lil Herb. G Herbo is an American rapper and songwriter from Chicago, Illinois, who came to fame with the release of his critically acclaimed debut mixtape titled Welcome to Fazoland in February 2014. After that, he released three more mixtapes, Pistol P Project, Ballin Like I’m Kobe, and Strictly 4 My Fans, which were well received by both fans and critics alike. He also recently released his debut studio album, Humble Beast on September 22, 2017.

Living in a Dangerous Time

While it is unclear why G Herbo was in the hospital, it doesn’t seem too serious, and the video seems to show G Herbo in a state where he probably wasn’t making much sense. Like those videos parents love to film of their kids after a trip to the dental surgeon, this was likely a video filmed of G Herbo, possibly after a minor surgery. Funny at the time, until you have hoards of fans wondering what the heck happened! No reason was given for his alleged visit to the hospital, nor has there been word from the rapper as to why he was there. In the video, he expressed his sentiments and feelings to his fans saying, “At this point y’all I don’t think y’all a ever get another mixtape out of me again.” The woman off camera beside him then chuckled as G Herbo asked, “Don’t I look like I’m dying?” It looks to us like this may have been a post-surgery video, and G Herbo is high as a kite on hospital medication.

Though fans seem to be making a big deal out of this video, they certainly have reason to.

Drama has never been very far from G Herbo in his young life. He was shot in the foot some years ago, and the matter was covered by the media at that time. According to the Chicago Tribune, G Herbo was one of the eight victims involved in a ruthless gang shooting in August 2012 carried out by two gunmen in a drive-by. The shooting happened at about 9:15 p,m. at the intersection of 79th Street and Essex Avenue, in a neighborhood within the East Side of Chicago. The neighborhood, called Terror Town, is known for it’s high levels of violence and gang activity.

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Life on the Streets

G Herbo had spoken to media at that time and had said, “I was in the streets. That’s what comes with the streets. The situation is actually a long story. The enemies – you know how it go on, warzone in Chicago – pulled up shooting. I got hit in the foot. It was minor. Eight of us got shot. It wasn’t really no serious injuries. A lot of leg shots. It’s normal. It wasn’t my first encounter with bullets or guns, shootings… it’s normal. Life goes on. I just try to move past it.”

However, Herbo admitted that he had been mentally affected by the shooting. He said “Before I got shot, my feelings and the way I was moving kinda changed because the streets change you. After I got shot my sympathy for people reduced. I really don’t have strong feelings for people unless it’s genuine; like my family and close friends. I wouldn’t say I don’t have a heart because I’m actually a nice guy. I’m giving to the people I care. In the streets, you can’t really work with feelings.”

G Herbo’s Health Update

Aside from him actually being in the hospital, fans are also worried about what he said regarding him not releasing anymore music. Is this really going to be his last mixtape? Herbo’s fans will be disappointed if this is really the case, so we’re hoping it was just his disorientation talking! There has been no update on this matter or why he was there in the first place, but fans are wishing him well and hoping for more information soon. Maybe when G Herbo is in a better state of mind they’ll get the answers they need.