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Long Island viewers have been worried sick about News 12 entertainment and traffic anchor, Elisa DiStefano because she has been missing from the show for quite some time now. Where is Elisa DiStefano now? And what happened to Elisa DiStefano? Get all the details here. 

If you have been following News 12 then the name Elisa DiStefano must be familiar to you. DiStefano is a host, entertainment journalist, and also an award-winning feature reporter. For viewers who are used to Elisa DiStefano on News 12 are missing her on the show. DiStefano has a lot of fans because of her excellent coverage at the red carpet and celebrity events.

DiStefano is not just a part of the News 12 morning show, where she gives the residents of Long Island all the essential commuter information and celebrity gossip for the day, but she is also a writer. She contributes her ideas and suggestions for Luxury Living magazine. Additionally, DiStefano also writes features for the weekly Hamptons Buzz for amNew York.

A lot of her viewers are wondering, where is Elisa DiStefano today? She has been missing from the show and fans are starting to take notice. If you also have the same question, then keep on reading as we spill information about her absence.

What Happened to Elisa DiStefano?

As per the channel, DiStefano is taking some time off from her morning show. There are no details about whether she is taking time off for personal reasons. So, fans who were worried about her need to breathe a sigh of relief as soon DiStefano will be back to entertain you with the morning entertainment news soon.

However, the channel could not confirm as to when she will be returning. As of now, there is no information about the exact date or the day of her return.

DiStefano is a known face in the entertainment industry and throughout the news world. Her “About” section on her website states, “With over a decade of experience in live and breaking news, Elisa reports regularly on the red carpet and at celebrity events featuring A-list talent. She covers the Hamptons summer scene extensively with access to exclusive events. Elisa hosts and produces segments featuring everything from food to fashion to personalities as diverse as Julie Andrews to Justin Bieber, Bill Murray to Billy Joel to (a little one on one with) Venus Williams. On-camera adventures range from rappelling down a building, to flying upside down with the Air National Guard Aerobatic Team, to diving with sharks to (this perhaps the scariest) dancing with the stars. Elisa has extensive live experience, anchoring daily entertainment news segments and filling in as news anchor. She has also covered breaking news and traffic from the studio and from a chopper high above NYC. Her celebrity and feature articles are featured in numerous publications including Entertainment Weekly and Long Island Pulse Magazine. She is a regular contributor and the Arts & Entertainment Expert for Luxury Living Magazine, and writes the weekly Hamptons Buzz for amNewYork in the summer season.”