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Dr. Sandra has a great love for animals and caring for them. This fact was easily seen on The Incredible Dr. Pol. She later left the show, got married, and now works at the Sheridan Animal Hospital in Michigan. Her great love for animals only increased with time. But why did Dr. Sandra leave Dr. Pol? We have all the details below.

Anybody who loves animals shouldn’t miss The Incredible Dr. Pol on Nat Geo Wild. The show follows Dutch-American veterinarian, Jan Harm-Pol, his family and employees, at his practice in rural Weidman, Michigan.

Dr. Pol studied veterinary medicine at Utrecht University in the Netherlands and gained valuable work experience in both his homeland and Harbor Beach, Michigan. He then moved to Weidman and started his own practice, Pol Veterinary Services, out of his home in 1981.

Dr. Sandra Shindorf, popularly known as just Dr. Sandra, worked with Dr. Pol for a while. What happened to Dr. Sandra on Dr. Pol? Keep reading to know all about why Dr. Sandra left the reality show.

A Higher Quality of Life

Dr. Sandra’s Facebook page states that she currently works at Sheridan Animal Hospital.

According to sources, Dr. Sandra got married in October 2014 and left The Incredible Dr. Pol to start working at the Sheridan Animal Hospital. It was explained on the show that she was going to work at a different practice because she and her husband, Chris Shindorf, were moving to a different city.

Posted by Sandra Shindorf on Saturday, December 20, 2014

Dr. Sandra now lives in Belding, Michigan, where her husband works. She now has some time to indulge in her favorite activities like horseback riding, running, traveling, and playing with her pets. She also spends as much time as she can with her family and friends as they are very important to her.

Dr. Sandra Leaves Dr. Pol 

Even though there have been reports that Dr. Sandra was not very happy while working with Dr. Pol, they cannot be confirmed. Nonetheless, she is no longer on The Incredible Dr. Pol, and many of her admirers still miss her.

However, fans can take solace in the fact that Dr. Sandra still loves animals a lot and is working hard to help them feel better at Sheridan Animal Hospital. Animals still have a great friend in Dr. Sandra Shindorf as always.