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ABC7 viewers hold reporter Rachel Anderson  in high regard. Her segment, “More Explores,” is quite popular among southwest Floridians. However, the feature reporter has been missing from the broadcast for the last few days. Concerned followers naturally wanted to know what had happened to Rachel Anderson. Meanwhile, the journalist has provided a significant update on her condition. Here’s what Rachel Anderson has to say about her absence.

Rachel Anderson Undergoes Surgery

Rachel Anderson was raised in Virginia, earning a degree in multimedia journalism from Virginia Tech in 2018. While at the university, she served as a lifestyle writer for Collegiate Times and also worked for the weekly “What’s Up” segment.

Anderson moved to Bluefield, West Virginia, in 2018 and joined Quincy Media as a reporter. After a year, the reporter joined ABC7 as a morning feature reporter and host of “More Explores.”

The journalist enjoys showing everything that’s great about Southwest Florida every morning, from gator wrangling and windsurfing lessons to delicious local cuisine. Anderson’s fans enjoy not only her work but also her sense of adventure. Her Instagram page displays all her adventures, from skydiving to bungee jumping.

That’s why Anderson’s loyal audience always looks forward to her show every morning. However, she has been MIA for the last few days, which prompted them to wonder about her whereabouts. Thankfully, the segment host shared an update about her health on February 27, 2023.

According to Anderson’s social media statement, she tore her ACL while skiing in Austria a few months ago. Hence, she underwent surgery to treat an ACL injury recently. The surgery went well, and now the reporter is at home recovering.

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Furthermore, Anderson will take a few weeks off from the station to completely recover. But in the meantime, meteorologist Jesslyn Ferentz will fill in on “More Explores” on ABC7.