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Although there’s no lack of plot twists on HBO’s Succession, this week was even more memorable due to a returning character. Nate Sofrelli, portrayed by Ashley Zukerman, is back in Shiv’s life at the most explosive Roy family party yet. Shiv (Sarah Snook) is at a crossroads in her marriage and love life. Diehard fans would remember that her romantic problems started with Nate. But those new to the series want to know Nate and Shiv’s history and what happened to the political party operative prior. So read on to learn about the return of Nate Sofrelli in Succession and into Shiv Roy’s life.

WARNING: Spoilers ahead, so tread lightly!

Season 4’s Return of Nate Sofrelli in Succession 

Episode 7, season 4 of Succession, titled “Tailgate Party,” aired on May 7 as a nod to Waystar’s pre-election bash. The entire political playmakers of the Roy brood gathered in Tom and Shiv’s swanky Manhattan apartment. Calling this party a disaster would be an understatement.

Every character had their own drama happening in every corner of the party. But the attention zeroed in on Shiv and the return of her old flame.

If you recall, Siobhan “Shiv” Roy was having an affair with Nate Sofrelli right up until her wedding to Tom Wambsgans at the end of season 1. After the wedding reception, Tom drove Nate away, revealing he knew about their affair. He appeared in season 2 as they tried to prevent their affair from impeding their political ambitions.

With such a controversial history, you’d think Shiv would keep her distance from her ex. But nope, she let Kendall “strong arm” her into inviting Nate to the party (for professional reasons, of course). They want Nate to get the Gojo-Waystar partnership canceled.

Nate, a Democratic operative, is lured in with the promise of a position in the Jimenez administration. But the nature of the quid pro quo doesn’t sit well with Nate.

Could it get more complicated? Of course, it could, and in so many ways.

Not only do Shiv and Tom have one of their ugly blowouts, but Nate also gets in the face of Shiv’s latest love interest.

In case you’ve noticed, Shiv’s got a not-so-big crush on Matsson. Nate knows nothing can happen between him and Shiv anymore, but it doesn’t mean he has to like the looks Shiv directs at Matsson.

We don’t know what lies in Nate’s romantic future. But politically, it could go any way, especially with election day approaching.

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Ashley Zukerman revealed in a recent interview that he doesn’t know which way the show is going either, even after he received the script of episode 7.

Meanwhile, Sarah Snook also gave him a cryptic response when he tried to extract answers from her. It hints that Snook is in an inner circle of people who know what’s coming.

So, be sure to watch what happens to Nate Sofrelli in Succession this season every Sunday at 9:00 p.m. EST on HBO.