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Baseball fans on social media are coming together to send love and support to Sarah Langs, one of the sports industry’s most loved media personalities. Ahead of the new MLB postseason, Sarah Langs made a personal disclosure to her social media followers. Some have expressed their concern if she will not be covering the upcoming baseball season. But the Chicago-based MLB reporter assured that she is not going anywhere and baseball is what keeps her going. She has everyone retweeting “Baseball is the best!” with her charm on social media. Read on to find out what happened to Sarah Langs.

Sarah Langs’ Health Update

Sarah Langs attended the University of Chicago, where she majored in comparative human development, specializing in culture and community. Two passions drive her: she has been a sports fan (especially baseball) since she was a child and loves to write. So she followed a career that combined both.

She began covering the Maroons athletics scene for The Chicago Maroon since her first year and rose to the publication’s senior editor. She even attended every home game of a Chicago professional team and ticked off her sports bucket list.

Langs is a researcher, reporter, and analyst for and the MLB Network. On July 20, 2021, she was part of the first all-female national broadcast of a Major League game on July 20, 2021, with Melanie Newman, Alanna Rizzo, Heidi Watney, and Lauren Gardner as a booth analyst.

Langs’ research, stats, and analysis reflect her love for the national pastime. It’s also why her followers love her.

As she prepares for a busy post-MLB season, as usual, Sarah Langs took to her official Twitter page to relay some news about her health. Fans might notice something concerning about her during media appearances, and she explains the reason before there’s any panic.

Sarah Langs has amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also known as Lou Gherig’s disease, named after the baseball player who also had the same condition. But Langs is not letting ALS stop or slow her down with the support of family, friends, and the baseball community.

She will not be missing from the MLB coverage. She continues watching, researching, and analyzing the sport and will write and talk about baseball as usual.

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Langs ended the statement with her signature phrase, “Baseball is the best.” Her social media followers have been retweeting that phrase along with messages of support to the MLB analyst. Sarah Langs followed up her statement with another tweet thanking everyone for the love and goodwill.