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Meghan Mongillo is one of the top news anchors in Cincinnati, which is why her absence at the WKRC-TV studio is being felt. Local 12 viewers want to know what happened to Meghan Mongillo and if she is leaving WKRC-TV. Her viewers can rest easy because the journalist is not going anywhere. She is on temporary leave for health reasons and will return soon. If you’ve followed Mongillo online and on Local 12, you’d know she’s a breast cancer survivor spreading awareness about the disease. Here’s what she said about her absence from WKRC-TV.

Meghan Mongillo’s Education and Career 

Meghan Mongillo graduated cum laude from Robert Morris University in Pennsylvania, where she was on the volleyball team with a bachelor’s degree in communications. Since then, the majority of her career has been based in Ohio.

She started her broadcasting career at Zanesville’s WHIZ-TV in 2000 and was an anchor and reporter there for a year. Later, she worked at WANE-TV in Fort Wayne, Indiana, from 2002 to 2004 and at WXIX-TV in Kentucky from 2005 to 2010.

Mongillo returned to Ohio in 2010, joining the team at Dayton’s ABC22. She moved to Cincinnati from there in 2016 and has been part of the WKRC Local 12 team since then.

What Happened to Meghan Mongillo?

It’s not only others’ stories that Mongillo brings to the fore. A breast cancer survivor, she uses her platform to spread awareness about the disease.

In 2018, Mongillo celebrated three years of being cancer free. And while she has overcome the disease, the battle doesn’t stop there.

On October 5, Meghan Mongillo revealed on social media that she is on a month-long medical leave from WKRC-TV. However, this is temporary—she is not leaving the station and will return soon.

Mongillo underwent a double mastectomy and remains cancer free. She stripped away the rose-tinted view of the procedure and revealed the painful follow-up treatment she is going through.

“I’ve got new accessories hooked inside me for a few weeks. Four drains for the blood and two more (the black bag) that connects to a motorized pump for suction. This is what post surgery of breast revision after a double mastectomy looks like,” she wrote.

Mongillo is spending time away from the hectic schedules of broadcast TV to recover. But she is providing regular updates on social media.

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As always, she urged her followers not to put off medical check-ups and to care for their health.