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Meteorologist Caitlyn Lorr has been MIA on KEYC-TV for the last few days. This left the residents of Mankato, Minnesota to wonder what happened to Caitlyn Lorr and where she is. Fortunately, the meteorologist recently provided an update on her health via social media. Here’s what Caitlyn Lorr said about her absence from KEYC News Now.

Caitlyn Lorr’s Education and Career

Caitlyn Lorr graduated with a bachelor’s degree in meteorology with a minor in geography from Northern Illinois University in 2018. She decided to get into the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) field when she was a freshman in college.

Lorr became interested in weather after taking an introductory meteorology course in her first year of college. She has previously worked with KCAU-TV in Sioux City and KELO-TV in Sioux Falls. The young meteorologist joined Makato, Minnesota’s KEYC News Now team in April 2022.

She is the meteorologist for the morning and noon shows on KEYC News Now. She gives the forecast on KEYC News Now This Morning and KEYC News at Noon. And the people of Mankato rely on her for daily updates on the weather.

Caitlyn Lorr’s Health Update

The meteorologist has been absent from providing the weather at the station for a few days. Naturally, Mankato residents were concerned and wondered what had happened to Caitlyn Lorr and wanted to know her whereabouts. Fortunately for viewers, the weather anchor has given an update regarding her absence.

The fact is that Lorr had foot and ankle surgery on January 13, 2023. Unfortunately, she had previously sustained an injury that never fully healed, necessitating surgery to clean up some bone shards and torn ligaments.

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Caitlyn Lorr is currently recuperating at home after a successful operation. She’s taking a much-needed break from social media and will be back in the studio on or around January 23, 2023.