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Kaci Koviak has been anchoring the news for KETK-TV in Tyler, Texas, for over a decade. The station’s news viewers have developed a strong bond with the evening anchor over the years and look forward to her daily newscasts. But Kaci Koviak has been missing from behind the news desk for the last few days, and KETK News viewers are concerned about her sudden absence. Read on to find out what happened to KETK’s Kaci Koviak.

Kaci Koviak Takes Leave of Absence

Kaci Koviak is a native of the Lone Star State and was raised on a small farm outside of Athens, Texas. She earned a degree in convergence journalism from Southern Methodist University of Dallas in 2009.

Before that, Koviak interned at several newsrooms nationwide, including Scripps Networks Interactive in Washington D.C. and NBC Universal for its Washington D.C. bureau.

Koviak worked in New York for over two years before relocating to East Texas. Not only did she work as a reporter and producer for Powerwomen TV, but she has also appeared as a political commentator on Fox News’ Strategy Room alongside Monica Crowley.

In January 2011, Koviak moved to Tyler, Texas, and has been part of the KETK News team since then. She started as a weekday morning anchor but now is a weeknight primetime anchor.

KETK News viewers look forward to Koviak’s regular newscasts. However, she suddenly disappeared from behind the news desk. Her absence from KETK News led to various speculations, and many are now wondering what happened to Kaci Koviak.

However, the anchor has now shared an important update on her social media accounts. Kaci Koviak has taken a leave of absence to care for her father and hopes to return to KETK-TV’s newscasts sometime in May 2023.

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The anchor also refuted reports that she was leaving KETK and said, “I am still happily employed with KETK and will return, but right now, I have taken a leave of absence to take care of this guy, my father.”