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Loyal listeners of The Jonathan Wier and Ayla Brown Show on Country 102.5 were surprised by a shake-up on their favorite show. Ayla Brown returned to WKLB Boston after maternity leave, but her co-host is now MIA. Those who haven’t caught up with the news wonder what happened to Jonathan Wier from Country 102.5 and if he will return to the radio station. Sadly, our favorite morning show duo won’t be working together at WKLB Boston. Wier was one of the casualties of a recent layoff at WKLB. Find out what happened to The Jonathan Wier and Ayla Brown Show here.

WKLB Lays Off Jonathan Wier

Jonathan Wier’s radio career began in Florida when he hosted the Drive Time Happy Hour on WSKY in 2011. He later hosted his own show, The Jonathan Wier Show, on KMBZ-FM in Kansas City from 2012 to 2019.

Beasley Media Group announced in 2019 that Jonathan Wier would co-host a morning show with Ayla Brown on WKLB in Boston, Massachusetts.

The Jonathan Wier and Ayla Brown Show became a highly rated show on Country 102.5 under the duo. However, Wier was recently manning the show solo.

Ayla Brown and her husband welcomed their son, Barrett, this year. The musician and radio host had been on a 12-week-long maternity leave while Wier hosted their show.

On October 7, Brown revealed some disheartening news she received while still on hiatus. Several staff members at Country 102.5 got laid off amid budget cutbacks. Unfortunately, her co-host and friend, Jonathan Wier, was among those let go.

Brown said that she and Wier spoke after his exit from WKLB Boston, and he is reportedly doing fine for now. Wier is not very active on social media and his immediate plans are not known. Nonetheless, Brown assured that he will be fine and back to broadcasting soon.

Ayla Brown returned to Country 102.5 on October 26 at her usual hour. The show has since been retitled Country Mornings with Ayla Brown.

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While their regular listeners miss Wier and hope to hear from him soon, they are ecstatic about Ayla Brown’s return. She is carrying on with the show well and drawing in listeners, even without a co-host.