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If you have a thirst for weird YouTube comedy, then you ought to go check out Elijah and Christine. She began on Vine, and Elijah on Twitter, but the duo made several videos, which you can find on either of their channels. After a long association, are Elijah Daniel and Christine Sydelko still friends?

The relationship between comedians Christine and Elijah is far too out there for any fan to ever understand. But many enjoyed when Elijah and Christine came together to make their funky videos. From comedy “proposals” to having Sim babies, Christine and Elijah seem to have drifted apart over the course of time.

Find out what happened to Elijah and Christine, right here.

Who Are Elijah and Christine?

If you hear the “Bing Bong,” you know that you are in for a laughter riot on YouTube! Yeah, that’s the “ad jingle” of the channel, and boy do these two make impossible promises on their videos for views and likes!

In many videos, the couple told people that they would get married if they reached a million views on YouTube. But the fact is that Christine and Elijah are rarely seen together anymore.

The duo pretended to date each other for three years when they were the hottest comedian duo on YouTube. But after that, they split up.

End of a Hilarious Era

Some sources claim that the duo’s third wheel, Tana Mongeau, wedged in between them.

Christine said about the situation, “Well, we don’t talk as much anymore because we don’t make videos together, so it’s been kind of awkward.”

The duo stopped making their award-winning videos on YouTube and decided to go solo.

“Vlogging as a duo has obviously been amazing. But this is going to help both of us be more proactive in creating content this year, especially since we are both working on so many different things,” Christine said in 2018.

But the couple enjoyed it while it lasted, and Instagram is the proof to that! Head over to their accounts to view all the funny things they did to earn their followers.

However, since Elijah and Christine have parted ways, there’s only archives to turn to. And their fans have hope to hang on to, as well.

After all, BFF’s can always come back together, right? So, maybe this duo is waiting for just the right opportunity!

But as of now, Christine Sydelko and Elijah Daniel look more than happy doing what they do best—making people laugh until their tummy hurts!