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Darius Mack, a meteorologist for WNKY, gives weather reports for the Bowling Green, Kentucky area in the mornings and afternoons. People have been looking to him as the go-to weather expert since 2020 when he first started working at the station. Based on the meteorologist’s forecasts, they set out for the day. You won’t hear from him for a few days, though. Read on to find out what happened to Darius Mack and where he is now.

Darius Mack Goes on a Break

Darius became fascinated with the weather at a young age when he saw the devastation that high winds might cause during a thunderstorm. Since then, it has become his goal to educate and inform the weather to people.

Darius Mack earned an associate degree in natural sciences from Bluegrass Community and Technical College in 2017. After that, he earned a bachelor’s in meteorology from Western Kentucky University in 2021.

He began his professional career while still enrolled at Western Kentucky University. Darius joined News 40 after working at the college news station and graduating in meteorology.

Mack became a meteorologist at WNKY TV in August 2020, and since then, he has been forecasting weather for Kentuckians on News 40 and social media. His followers like the clear and understandable weather information prepared by him.

Darius Mack is taking a break for a few days, so they won’t be able to check his forecasts for a while. But he will return next week.

Meanwhile, chief meteorologist Scott Burchett and weather anchor Noah Moore will be filling in for him.

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Mack recently released a social media statement about his break, to which his colleague, Scott Burchett, replied, “Enjoy your time off! Bring back souvenirs!” Although he hasn’t given a reason for his break, his supporters anticipate his return shortly.