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Minneapolis-St. Paul residents have started their mornings with Alix Kendall for over two decades since KMSP-TV was established. And when she’s missing from the airwaves, everyone notices. Recently, the anchor has been absent from the newscasts, and now many are wondering what happened to FOX 9 News’ Alix Kendall. The veteran anchor provided an update about an incident that occurred to her. Rest assured, Alix Kendall isn’t leaving the station. Read on for details on Alix Kendall’s absence from KMSP-TV.

Alix Kendall Recovering from Accident

Alix Kendall worked in Albuquerque and Cincinnati markets before returning to her hometown of Minneapolis, Minnesota. She has been a part of the KMSP FOX 9 News team since its inception in 1999.

Kendall’s anchored the morning newscast since it was called Good Day Minnesota and currently Morning Buzz. Suffice it to say, she’s an integral part of Minneapolis mornings.

Recently, the station’s viewers became concerned about the anchor’s absence from the news desk. Many are wondering what happened to FOX 9 anchor Alix Kendall.

Last weekend, the Emmy Award-winning journalist shared some personal news on why she’s been missing in action.


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Kendall revealed on her social media profiles that she suffered a freak accident on Sunday, March 19, while on a “doggie date.” It ended with her falling face first on a rod iron fence with a scary-looking pointed spire.

“1” closer, and I may have lost my eye,” she said in her post.

The anchor got 10 stitches on her brow and a visibly bruised eye. Luckily, she didn’t suffer a concussion.

Kendall was reportedly conscious in the immediate aftermath of the accident. She filmed a clip and took pictures after the first responders treated her. She also joked the worst part was traveling over potholes. Ouch!

Furthermore, her first responders look positive in the video, reassuring her followers. She was grateful to the first responders and hospital staff who tended to her.

The best part, Alix Kendall said, “I’m going to be fine.”

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Kendall is definitely in good spirits as of her last update but has not been active on social media since revealing her accident. And she thanked all her well-wishers, too.

Get well soon, Alix Kendall!