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There’s never a dull moment on Black Ink Crew, and last night’s episode was particularly dramatic. While the sanctity of Sky’s vacation was destroyed by Ceaser and company, things were particularly interesting between Alex Robinson and Donna Lombardi. Fans are asking what happened to Alex on Black Ink Crew season 6 because of a certain earth-shattering moment.

What Happened to Alex from Black Ink Crew?

If you’re following Black Ink Crew season 6, you’re probably well aware of the complicated relationship between Donna and Alex. But things took a sappy (not a characteristic commonly seen on this show) turn between this couple during the episode on May 2.

For the uninitiated, Donna and Alex went viral two weeks ago when their public bathroom sex tape leaked. And what’s worse, Donna was in a committed relationship with Mo.

Donna initially tried to brush it off by saying that they were just dancing provocatively. But the video spoke for itself.

Mo also saw the video and Donna hasn’t heard from him since.

Alex suddenly becomes the villain in the eyes of Donna’s girlfriends. So, they rain down on him calling him a homewrecker.

But this is Alex. He proclaims he had no obligations to Mo and furiously stormed off.

Alex Pours His Heart Out

After the ladies give him a hard time for the sex tape, Alex has a chat with Miss Kitty. He tells her that he felt attacked by the other women for hooking up with Donna.

But why would he take things to heart?

Well, because Donna is not just a fling to him. If it’s not obvious enough for you, Alex has feelings for Donna.

Are your jaws unhinged?

So, were Miss Kitty’s! She was in disbelief at Alex’s declaration (and so were we), but he looked pretty genuine.

Kitty suggested that he should keep his feelings to himself for the time being while Donna recovers from everything that’s going on. But clearly, Alex had no intention of listening to her.

Alex went ahead and confessed his feelings to Donna when the crew crashed Sky’s vacation in Miami in last’s night episode. It was heartfelt and sweet. (Not what we’d expect from Alex “The Vagina Slayer.”)

He admits that sex tape might look “raunchy” to others, but he doesn’t see her as a casual hook-up.

We don’t know Donna’s reaction yet, but she looked pretty moved.

But the drama didn’t end there.

Just when Sky’s finally warming up to her gate-crashers, everyone’s frozen in shock as Mo casually waltzes inside the vacation house. Things turn south when Mo takes a swing at Alex.

After the guys break Mo and Alex apart, Mo gets in the face of Donna. And he had some choice words for his now ex-girlfriend.

Meanwhile, Alex is holding an ice pack to his bruise. Mo probably got him good.

Are Donna and Alex Dating?

There’s no official confirmation about this, but it appears that Alex and Donna have been dating on the down-low.

Mo hasn’t featured on her Instagram page in months, which hints that Donna and Mo have called it quits. (As if the acerbic words he threw at her wasn’t indication enough!)

But Alex did appear on her Instagram in April.

They have reportedly been spotted cozying up to each other when cameras aren’t filming. It seems as though Alex and Donna are secretly a couple now and are waiting until the decisive moment airs on TV to go public with their relationship.

Next week’s preview teases us with Donna’s feelings for Alex. What will she do when Alex collapses out of the blue?

No need to get alarmed BIC fans!

According to next week’s synopsis, Alex’s faking it.

Haters Gonna Hate

In the meantime, Twitterverse is having a hard time absorbing Alex’s romantic moment. Some even melted at his uncharacteristically sweet and deep words.

And then there are those who are upset by this situation. Many Twitter users are not buying Alex’s confession while others are hating Donna for breaking Mo’s heart.

Alex calls himself “The Vagina Slayer” and Donna is well-known for her “sexcapades.” Skeptics don’t think they are sincere about their feelings and have hurt Mo in the process.

There are also those who think that everything—from the sex tape to Alex’s confession—is scripted. They’re not even buying the bit about Mo flying all the way to Miami to get back at Alex and Donna.

Either way, it’s pretty obvious that if Alex and Donna do get together, they’re going to have as many haters as fans.

Find out if Donna and Alex seal the deal when Black Ink Crew season 6 airs next Wednesday at 9:00 p.m. EST on VH1.