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Baseball fans get ready, because these MLB power rankings show the teams that are hitting it out of the park! The MLB scores and MLB standings for week 23 will blow you away, and with the playoffs just around the corner, we want you to be up-to-date on the teams who are swinging for the fences!

American League: East – Another Win for Boston

The Boston Red Sox are topping the American East Division once again with 81 wins and 63 losses. The Baltimore Orioles take second place with 79 wins and 65 losses. The Toronto Blue Jays are down two notches this week, from last week’s tie with the Red Sox. This week they’re sitting in third place with 79 wins and 65 losses. The New York Yankees take fourth place with 77-67, and Tampa Bay is in last with 61 wins and 83 losses.

American League: Central – Holding Their Spots, The Indians Take the Cake

Surprisingly, the AL Central teams are all holding the same rankings from last week! The Cleveland Indians remain in the lead but with 83 wins and 61 losses. The Detroit Tigers are still safe at second with 77 wins and 67 losses, the Kansas City Royals are in third but now with 74 wins and 70 losses. The Chicago White Sox have 70-74, and the Minnesota Twins wrap it up with 54 wins and 91 embarrassing losses.

American League: West – Rangers Rock the House

The Texas Rangers are in the lead again with 87 wins and 59 losses, followed by the Seattle Mariners up a spot from last week with 77 wins and 68 losses. The Houston Astros are in third place this week with 75-70, and the Los Angeles Angels take fourth again with 63 wins and 81 losses. The Oakland Athletics are in fifth with 62 wins and 82 losses.

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National League: East – Nationals Take First Place

In first place, once again, the Washington Nationals have 86-59. The New York Mets also remain in second with 77 wins and 68 losses. The Miami Marlins are in third with 72 wins and 73 losses, and the Philadelphia Phillies have 64-81. Finally, Atlanta makes the cut with 56 wins and 89 losses. All teams remain in their spots from last week.

National League Central: Chicago Takes Central by Storm

Once again, the Chicago Cubs have the highest number of wins out of both NL and AL, with 91 whopping wins and only 52 losses! The St. Louis Cardinals are in second with 76 wins and 68 losses, the Pittsburgh Pirates have 64-81, the Milwaukee Brewers take fourth with 64-81 and the Cincinnati Reds take last place again with 62 wins and 82 losses.

National League West: Dodgers in First Place

Holding first place for another week, the L.A. Dodgers wrap it up with 81-63. The San Francisco Giant take second with 77 wins and 67 losses. The Colorado Rockies have 69-76, the San Diego Padres are up a notch in fourth place with 61-84, and finally the Arizona Diamondbacks drop a spot to end up last with 60-84.

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