In the wake of the recent Florida school shooting, Wayne LaPierre, the NRA’s vice president, came out with a speech about gun control and why guns are not the problem, yet again. Wayne LaPierre, whose net worth in 2018 is estimated at $10.0 million, repeated his 2012 Connecticut school shooting speech yesterday. Find out how he made his millions.

Gun advocate Wayne La Pierre has been associated with the National Rifle Association since 1991. He has been an active part of the community that believes in firearms freedom. He’s a best-selling author, too, which has earned him a part of his millions.

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Wayne LaPierre’s Salary and Earnings

  • Born in 1949, in New York, Wayne LaPierre’s current net worth is estimated at $10.0 million. He reportedly receives a salary averaging $972,000.
  • In 2010, the NRA paid LaPierre more than $900,000 as salary. It was estimated that he received a hefty compensation of $985,885 in 2014 from the NRA’s total contributions, which was estimated at a whopping $103.0 million.
  • As part of similar contributions, LaPierre went home $3.7 million richer in 2015, after receiving his “employee funded deferred compensation plan” cut.
  • It was also estimated that between 2014 and 2015, LaPierre received a staggering $4.0 million in compensation after the NRA reported high earnings.
  • LaPierre’s annual compensation for 2015 was calculated to be $5,110,985 after funds were added to the figures.

Wayne LaPierre’s House

  • LaPierre lives in a luxe house in Great Falls, Virginia. He also owned a home in Ashburn, Virginia, according to some sources.

Wayne LaPierre’s Books

  • The gun advocate even authored several books on the guns and firearms situation in the world. His books include Guns, Crime, and Freedom (1994), Guns, Freedom, and Terrorism (2003), The Essential Second Amendment Guide (2007), and Safe: The Responsible American’s Guide to Home and Family Security (2010).

Wayne LaPierre’s TV Shows and Podcast

  • You may have seen LaPierre hosting Crime Strike. We’re sure that this popular TV show brings in a pretty penny for him, as well.
  • The man is all-for guns and firearms, and the rights that go with them. He discusses these issues with his podcast listeners on What They Didn’t Tell You Today.

Watch the speech that Wayne LaPierre gave recently after the Parkland Florida school shooting: