Wayne Carini, vintage car restorer. Credits: Facebook/ChasingClassicCars

About Wayne Carini
Age72 Years
BirthOctober 13, 1951 Portland, United States
Height5 feet 4 inches
SpouseLaurie Carini 1980-Present
ChildrenLindsay Carini, Kimberly Carini
ParentsRosemary Carini, Bob Carini
CountryUnited States
JobCar Restorer, Entrepreneur, TV Show Personality
Net Worth$20.0 million
OwnsF40 Motorsports, Continental Auto Ltd., Carini Carozzeria
AwardsBest-preserved car for his Stutz Bearcat car, Journalists Award for most story-worthy car
TV ShowChasing Classic Cars, Overhaulin’, My Classic Car

Wayne Carini was just nine years old when he took a ride in a Ferrari for the first time, but the experience instilled in him a lifelong passion for cars, especially vintage ones. Today, he is the owner of three companies related to the field of restoring, buying, and selling classic cars. With an estimated net worth of $20.0 million, a supportive family, and a love for vintage cars, Carini is living his dream. He also works for the betterment of people who have autism.

If you own a vintage car and the car has a problem, don’t worry about it. Wayne Carini can fix it! That’s right!

Wayne Carini is a master vintage car restorer, who has a passion for finding and fixing old classic cars and making them roadworthy.

Carini has had a lifetime’s experience in restoring cars and has personally worked with famous car collectors such as David Letterman, tennis great Ivan Lendl, and the wealthy DuPont family. His work is so good that people from all over America want him to tend to their beloved classic car collections personally.

Here are a few details from Wayne Carini’s wiki.

How Old Is Wayne Carini?

Born on October 13, 1951, in Portland, United States, Wayne Carini’s age is 66. He was born to his parents, Rosemary Carini and Bob Carini.

It was his father who installed in him a love for automobiles from a young age. He also inspired Carini to get interested in vintage cars because he used to work on classic cars such as Lincolns, Duesenbergs, Packards, and Fords.

Wayne Carini was just nine years old when he took a ride that changed his life. He got to ride in his first Ferrari, a 1960 Rosso Chiaro 250 SWB, and he was instantly bitten by the Ferrari bug! He found in himself a love for automobiles that only grew deeper with the passing years.

Humble Beginnings

Carini started his career in his father’s shop while he was still in grade school. He used to sweep the floors for $5.00 a week and continued his studies at the same time.

Later, Carini went to college and studied to become a teacher. But his life took a significant turn in 1973 when he realized that he loved working on cars and fixing them more than anything else.

Being pragmatic, he decided to follow his passion and started learning how to become an efficient restorer of exotic cars. He said he decided to give up the idea of becoming an art teacher because at the time, budget cuts were forcing employment in the field of extracurricular studies to become scarce. Besides, by then, he knew exactly where his passion was—cars.

Carini Found the Perfect Mentors

Luckily, Carini met some people who became his mentors and teachers, and they shared with him their expert knowledge of restoring vintage cars. He spent time under the tutelage of master Ferrari restorer Francois Sicard, a former Ferrari racing mechanic and an expert on Ferrari automobiles.

He also spent time learning from Luigi Chinetti Jr., whose father won the 1949 24 Hours of Le Mans race for Ferrari and started the first Ferrari dealership in the country.

He Owns Three Companies of His Own

Today, Carini has three companies of his own—F40 Motorsports, Continental Auto Ltd., and Carini Carozzeria.

F40 Motorsports buys and sells classic and vintage automobiles. Meanwhile, Continental Auto Ltd. is a repair shop that specializes in high-end and exotic automobile repair.

However, Carini’s heart is with his company, Carini Carozzeria, where he spends most of his working time. This is the restoration shop where Carini mends vintage cars to perfection.

Carini also has a passion for unrestored original cars, which he buys for his private collection. However, he puts them up for display in the elite “preservation class” at concourses across America. This is where these increasingly rare cars can be seen by vintage and classic car lovers and collectors.

Wayne Carini

Wayne Carini. Credits: Facebook/ChasingClassicCars

Appearing on TV Fueled His Popularity Further

Thanks to his work in car restoration and the successful businesses he runs, Wayne Carini’s net worth is estimated to be around $20.0 million and growing.

Carini’s love for (and expertise in) classic cars has made him a legend in the car industry. His legend only grew bigger when he appeared in a TV program called Chasing Classic Cars in June 2008.

Chasing Classic Cars is an American television documentary series presented by Carini. It focuses on classic cars from all eras by finding them and getting them into running condition, restoring them, and making a sale.

The series shows the restoration and auction process and often features classic cars that the public has not seen in decades.

The funny thing is that despite his passion for cars, Carini himself did not actually buy a car himself until he was 52 years old! Today, he is known all over the world, and his association with a car guarantees high-quality workmanship.

Before appearing in Chasing Classic Cars, he appeared in two hour-long television specials for Discovery’s HD Theater Channel—Monterey Week and The World’s Most Expensive Cars.

Carini was also involved in the show, My Classic Car, appearing as himself, and in Overhaulin, a TV documentary series. He has appeared in many car and industry magazines as well.

Carini Has a Close-Knit Family

Wayne Carini’s wife is named Laurie Carini, and they got married in 1980. He speaks the world of her and admitted that he was hesitant to settle down and commit to marriage when they were younger. Although she isn’t a huge car fan like him, he talks highly of her and says he is lucky to have such an amazing wife.

Carini lives in his log home in rural Connecticut, which he built himself almost 33 years ago. He lives with his wife and their two daughters, Lindsay and Kimberly Carini.

His youngest daughter, Kimberly Carini, 29, has autism. This is the reason why the TV personality is a strong supporter of organizations that are researching autism, and its causes and possible cures.

He’s at the Forefront of Fighting Autism

The vintage car enthusiast regularly organizes and sponsors car events for the benefit of children and adults who have autism. His driving force is to find a cure for autism, a disorder that afflicted Wayne Carini’s daughter at an early age.

Carini is also working hard to get young people interested in classic cars and their restoration. He believes that unless young people start getting interested in classic cars, the tradition of restoration and preservation of vintage cars will die.

He is trying to convince families with special needs children to place classic cars in a “special needs trust” with the hope that this investment will rise in value and benefit their children in the future when they really need the money.

How Tall Is Wayne Carini?

If he doesn’t seem very tall on camera, that’s because he isn’t! People often wonder about Carini’s height when they hear and see his achievements and skills.

Wayne Carini’s height is a modest 5’4″, but the man has the heart of a lion! It’s filled with a passion for classic cars and helping people indulge in this hobby.

That’s why he won an award for the best-preserved car for his Stutz Bearcat car, which has been untouched since 1931. He has also won the Journalists Award for possessing the most “story worthy” car that is part of his collection.

He’s Active on Social Media

Carini is active on social media and has accounts with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. His Chasing Classic Cars account on Facebook has more than 400K followers and more than 30K followers on Twitter.

His Instagram account is full of pictures of vintage cars lined up for show and others being restored in Carini’s workshop.

The Past Should be Respected

Carini started with a dream of giving pride to the classic cars down the ages so that we always remember the best of the automobile industry. Today, he has achieved that dream and has also passed it on to others.

While Carini appreciates the progress the car industry has made over the years, his heart beats for the older set of cars that symbolize our past. So, if your vintage car needs a keeper, then Wayne Carini is the man you must call!

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