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Before the end of today, May 6, rapper 50 Cent will release the single “No Romeo No Juliet,” which is a collaboration with fellow artist Chris Brown. However, this new song won’t be the first time the two have worked together—it’s not even the first time they’ve released a single together within the last 24 hours! Yesterday saw the release of a remix of “Fiddy’s” hit song “I’m The Man” featuring Chris Brown, which changes the dynamic of the track greatly. Here’s some info on the newly released “I’m The Man” video.

“I’m The Man” is a relatively new addition to the list of 50 Cent songs, having been released on December 4, 2015. It also received a short video to accompany the track. Still, despite the song’s youth, it has already warranted a remix—it’s almost as if 50 Cent and Chris Brown were using it as a warm up for “No Romeo No Juliet.”

The official video shows 50 Cent and Chris Brown living it up in a huge mansion with a pool full of women. While that’s pretty par for the course for the content of a rap music video, about three-quarters of the way through, the video suddenly shifts—both its visuals and its audio—from “I’m The Man” to a sneak peek at “No Romeo No Juliet.” Over a minute of the song plays ahead of its full release today, with the video ending with the message “To Be Continued.”


50 Cent's I'm The Man


On his official Instagram, 50 Cent has also posted the artwork for “No Romeo No Juliet” to help build up hype for the song. And he’s definitely playing on that hype; while the song will be made available at some point today, but a specific time wasn’t shared. It could be two seconds after you read this, or it could be at 11:59 p.m.!

Check out the video for the remix of “I’m The Man” featuring Chris Brown below. It’s already clear that 50 Cent’s 2016 is going to be big!

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