Photo: Tim Warner / Stringer / Getty Images

The Mountain Dew Super Bowl commercial is one of this year’s weirdest ads, but once you see it, guaranteed you’ll want to watch it again. The 30-second clip shows an odd-looking creature—a combination of puppy’s head, a monkey’s torso, and baby legs—called, well, a “puppy monkey baby.” So why is such a  silly thing in a Super Bowl ad? Well, that’s because it advertises Kickstart, a drink with a combination of Mountain Dew soda, flavored juice, and caffeine doses, just like the weird mix of “puppy monkey baby.” The drink supposedly rejuvenates body energy levels at any time.

This idea did work out pretty well for Mountain Dew, as this ad is considered one of the best commercials of Super Bowl 50. At first, the ad shows three laidback guys on the sofa watching TV as one of them says, ‘”Man, I might just chill tonight.” At this point, this thing enters the living room through a pet door on the wall. The thing starts walking around and has the head of a pug, the arms and tail of a monkey, and the legs of a baby wearing a diaper; and that’s not all—this thing speaks, too. Although, it just keeps saying, “puppy monkey baby” over and over.

This puppy monkey baby comes in with an ice-filled bucket of Kickstart drinks, offers them to the guys, and even licks one of their faces while still saying, “puppy monkey baby.” Now, here’s when you go crazy because you don’t have a clue as to what’s happening here. But soon, you see those worn out guys get up after sipping some Kickstart and follow the puppy monkey baby into the hallway, dancing along with it. The ad then tells us about Kickstart’s unique combination of Dew soda, juice, and a whole lot of caffeine, which can make someone as wiped out get back up and go nuts like this!

We know almost all Super Bowl ads are always off the hook, but this Mountain Dew commercial is nothing like you’ve seen before, and you probably didn’t expect something this bizarre to pop up during the game’s break.

Photo: Instagram/mountaindew