If there’s one thing from last weekend’s Super Bowl 50 that will surely make you feel like watching it again, it’s the game’s halftime performance by three of today’s best musicians: Coldplay, Bruno Mars, and Beyoncé. The world had never seen them share a stage together until last Sunday (February 7). The Pepsi halftime performance at Super Bowl 50 definitely kicked it up a notch to start off 2016 with a mesmerizing performance.

Super Bowl 50

The halftime show was headlined by alt-rock band Coldplay. The band’s frontman Chris Martin started off by singing the main verse of their song “Yellow” as crowds of youngsters surrounded him by running across the field. Martin then went up to the stage and joined his band to perform Coldplay’s massive hit “Viva La Vida.” The stage was brilliantly lit with shiny lights, colorful patterns changing on the stage floor, and youthful crowds surrounding the stage from all sides. Chris Martin went on to sing verses of a couple Coldplay hits, including “Paradise” and “Adventure Of A Lifetime.” 


Bruno Mars

After ending “Adventure Of A Lifetime,” Chris Martin called out Bruno Mars, and the cameras turned to the other half of the stage, where Mark Ronson was at the DJ booth as Bruno Mars and his dancers came on to perform the hit song “Uptown Funk.” Bruno Mars and his “uptown” gang, dressed in their all-black attire and stylish bling, jammed to some amazingly “funky” dance moves while singing the song.   

Right after Mars’ performance, Beyoncé made her grand entrance onto the field with a synchronized performance of her current track “Formation.” She joined Bruno Mars on stage for a sort of girls vs. boys show-down. Bruno Mars and Queen Bey took turns singing and dancing to “Uptown Funk.”


And then Chris joined them on this track, with the three singing together across the stage. Later,  Martin raced back to play the piano for Coldplay’s “Fix You” while a video reel showing past Super Bowl halftime performances played in the background. The performance ended with Bruno Mars, Beyoncé, and Chris Martin coming together once again to sing Coldplay’s song “Up&Up.” The stadium came alive with fireworks and bright colors while spectators in the stands held up colored cards that, together, spelled out “Believe In Love” across the stadium.


Photos: Instagram/coldplay
Photo: Instagram/beyonce
Photo: Instagram/brunomars
Video: Youtube/Smutiny

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