credit: Facebook/RosieODonnellOfficial

Rosie O’Donnell is at it again as the comedienne delivers her uncensored opinion directed at GOP presidential front-runner, Donald Trump, having compared him to Harry Potter baddie, Lord Voldemort.

Last Friday O’Donnell was being interviewed by HLN’s host and fellow comedienne, Joy Behar, who brought up the topic of politics. O’ Donnell responded that the Republican debates were sad to watch and that Trump’s addition as moderator made it worse. Behar jokingly warned O’Donnell not to start anything but it was too late: O’Donnell went on to say she was not afraid and said, “He’s like Lord Voldemort, let’s just ignore he exists.” She then went on to do her infamous Trump hair flip and continued her rant—guess that’s one vote Trump won’t be getting!

Watch the video and tell us, did O’Donnell go too far?