Watch President Donald Trump’s First Speech to Congress

President Donald Trump First Address to the Congress
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Donald Trump capped off the first 40 days of his presidency by addressing a joint session of Congress at Capitol Hill on Tuesday (February 28). In his speech, Trump promised a “new chapter of American Greatness.”


Donald Trump addressed a joint session of Congress last night. Taking off from his campaign call of “Make America Great Again,” he heralded a new chapter of American greatness. Trump’s address was shocking because there were no shocking moments! The POTUS gave no opportunity to criticize his speech, except for the unavoidable fact-checking bythe media and a few large claims. If you want to watch the full speech made by Trump to Congress, we’ve got you covered. Watch Trump’s joint presidential address video right here.

Trump’s First Presidential Address to Congress

In a joint address to Congress, President Donald Trump stressed his broad agenda during his presidency. From bringing back jobs and investments to the U.S., to the Affordable Care Act, and most importantly, his immigration stance, the President outlined everything in his speech. Watch the President’s address to Congress on YouTube below.

Donald Trump settled for a calmer, more civil tone in his speech to congress, senators, supreme court justices, and generals. He did not brag about his electoral victory, there were no verbal detours, nor did he attack the media or his Democratic opponents. Domestic economic matters took center stage in Trump’s address.

On his immigration reforms, Trump called for the Republicans and Democrats to compromise on making an immigration plan. Citing countries like Canada and Australia as examples, he stressed the need for a merit-based immigration system instead. This statement comes at a time when his controversial travel and immigration order on Muslim-majority nations remains tied up in courts.

He also plans to replace Obamacare with a better healthcare reform. He plans to undo his predecessor’s Affordable Health Care Act and replace it with one that covers those with pre-existing coverage, allowing people to buy insurance across state lines, offering tax credits, and he expanded health savings accounts to help purchase coverage.

He also addressed the safety of American citizens, pledging to take a stand against “Radical Islamic terrorism” — a term Trump’s national security adviser rejects as inflammatory. He also mentioned the recent incident of threats to the Jewish community and the shootings in Kansas.

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