Credit: Instagram/JustinBieber

When you get pulled over the police, you’re likely expecting to get a ticket. So, imagine this girl’s surprise when she didn’t get a fine for speeding, but was handed something she actually wanted: Justin Bieber concert tickets!

For her 17th birthday on Wednesday, Abigail Guthrie’s parents decided to be creative with how they gave their daughter her present. So, the Bloomington, Indiana, residents had an area police officer pull her over due to a false traffic violation on the way to her own birthday dinner, only to give her tickets to the Bieber concert in Indianapolis this summer.

A fan of Justin Bieber since elementary school, Guthrie was clearly tickled pink that what she thought would be a steep fine ended up being something amazing, especially after her parents had blown off her going to the concert for months because “Tickets are too expensive.” But thanks to her aunt hooking her parents up with a willing police officer, she got to have a memorable birthday—unless, of course, she gets grounded right before the concert!

Check out the video of the surprise pullover below. What’s the best celebrity birthday surprise you’ve ever gotten? Let us know in the comments!