DJ Zedd revealed to his fans on Twitter who he really is—Anton Zaslavski, a truly deserving Grammy-winning musician. The “Clarity” hitmaker shared a series of videos to his 2.35 million followers of a jam session he had with his elder brother, Arkadi Zaslavski. While Zedd played the piano, his sibling played on the guitar.

The first video he shared was with the caption, “Jammmmming part 2 [sic].” What’s more surprising was that most of his fans didn’t know who Arkadi is! One wrote, “Who’s Arkadi?” to which another fan replied that he is Zedd’s brother. And the surprising reaction that followed was, “He has a brother?” And you call yourself a fan of Zedd?!

Anyway, in the next post, the DJ behind “Beautiful Now” revealed that he also put up the full session on Snapchat. In case you have the free social media application, and want to watch the rest of the jam session, you can follow him at “Zedd.”


A few of the epic covers that stood out were “Sandstorm” by Darude, “Hotline Bling” by Drake, “Sweet Child O’ Mine” by Guns N’ Roses, and “Can’t Feel My Face” by The Weeknd.


Funnily enough, a short while ago Zedd posted a photo to Twitter of Donald Trump’s face on toilet paper, and it surprisingly didn’t make headlines! He threw some serious shade at the Republican presidential hopeful, writing, “Got Donald Trump toilet paper so I can finally wipe my ass with Donald Trump [sic].” Who knew that the innocent-looking 26-year-old could be so cheeky? (No pun intended.) And fans just could not get enough of it. The photo received 100,000 likes and comments such as, “Dude you’re f*cking awesome!! [sic],” and, “This is the BEST thing I’ve ever seen.”

DJ Zedd Clarity Beautiful Now Instagram Post Donald Trump Meme Toilet Paper

Photo: Instagram/zedd

Image Source: Instagram/zedd


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