Credit: Instagram/arianagrande

A little over a week ago, Ariana Grande released a video for her hit single “Dangerous Woman” from the album of the same name. The only thing is, it was an a capella version of the song, not the version featured on the Dangerous Woman album. Well, for those who didn’t enjoy the a capella version (and why not?), a more “proper” version has arrived via Grande’s VEVO page. And best of at, it’s the first of two!

Titled “Dangerous Woman (Visual 1),” with “visual” likely meaning it’s not the official music video, it begins with an aesthetic similar to old VHS tapes, including scan lines and lots of grain. It then features Grande in sexy lingerie and with her hair down, crooning away in a sultry manner.

Currently, “Visual 2” lacks any sort of release date, but hopefully it will arrive soon! In the meantime, Ariana Grande has promised more from Dangerous Woman being made available, with the full album scheduled to drop on May 20. But for now, check out the “Visual 1” video below!