Warriors vs. Cavs Game 1 Predictions: Who Will Win the NBA Finals Game 1 Today?

Cavs vs. Warriors
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Bookmark your preferred live stream and get ready to watch online, because Game 1 of the last round of the NBA championships begins tonight! But who will win NBA finals Game 1 today? In a repeat of the 2015 championship series, it will once again be the Cleveland Cavaliers against the Golden State Warriors. If you’re the kind searching for the likes of “Warriors vs. Cavs Game 1 predictions,” and “Who will win NBA finals?” read on for our Warriors vs. Cavs predictions.


A year ago, when the two teams met in the previous NBA finals, it was Golden State who picked up the win four games to two, but that was then and this is now—or at least, that’s what one would think. Who will win NBA Finals? And, more importantly, who will win the NBA Finals Game 1 today? Well, comparing last year’s playoff bracket to this year’s, both teams seem to have taken a remarkably similar path to reach 2015 and today’s Cavs vs. Warriors Game 1 of the Finals. Both years, the Warriors won two series 4–1 and one 4–3. Cleveland can say almost the same thing about their Western Conference sets, both times going 4–0 twice and 4–2 once. Now, we have some Cavs vs. Warriors Game 1 predictions, so keep reading on to see if your Cavs vs. Warriors predictions match ours!

Cavs vs. Warriors Game 1 Predictions

While last year is an important precedent when making NBA finals predictions, the state of things this year is even more important. In 2015, the closer set came in the Western Conference semifinals while the team coasted through their conference final series with the Houston Rockets. This time, their Western Conference finals series went all the way to Game 7, after facing elimination for three straight games, meaning this is a team that could be going on to Game 1 suffering from fatigue and a lack of preparedness. In which case, having someone like MVP Stephen Curry is only going to make so much of a difference—it is a team game, after all.

Meanwhile, the Cleveland Cavaliers get to enjoy being rested and healthy, having LeBron James in his sixth straight Finals and possessing the knowledge that the Golden State Warriors they face over the next four to seven games are—at least at the beginning—not the same team that ousted them 4–2 last season; nor are they the same team that lost. Playing to their strengths and keeping up the same kind of dominating play they’ve shown throughout the Playoffs thus far, this year’s NBA Finals could have a very different outcome than last year’s.

Warriors coach Steve Kerr seems happy to keep the Warriors doing what they’ve always done, which is constantly being active with the ball and scoring lots and lots of three-pointers. If the Cavs are foolish enough to let them do these things—and if the Warriors are a lot more rested than you would think after the Conference Finals—then the game could easily fall apart on what would quickly become an unprepared and overwhelmed Cleveland team.

Statistically, Game 1 of the NBA finals appears to be in the favor of the Cleveland Cavaliers, but after the Golden State Warriors’ miraculous recovery in the previous series, it may be too close to call. Either way, this game is sure to show what the story for the entire series will be, if not set the pace outright. Who do you think will win Game 1? What are your Warriors vs Cave predictions? Will you be choosing to watch online via a live stream or with traditional television? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!


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