Wales vs. Belgium Betting Odds & Semifinal Prediction

wales vs belgium prediction
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The 2016 UEFA European Championship (Euro 2016) quarterfinal match between Wales and Belgium is still scheduled to go ahead this Friday, and the odds are beginning to be made clear as more and more people weigh in with their own Wales vs. Belgium prediction. While we have already discussed our own predictions regarding this sure-to-be-exciting game at length and will briefly do so again here, your thoughts about the game may change when you see what people who have money riding on this game think about both teams’ chances. Learn more about the Wales vs. Belgium odds and maybe you’ll pick up the info you need to win your office betting pool.

Wales vs. Belgium Odds

When it comes to the Wales vs. Belgium betting odds in regards to who is going to win the game, things are rather heavily skewed in Belgium’s favor. Current Wales vs. Belgium odds have Belgium expected to pick up the win with the odds of their victory currently sitting at 1.77, or 4/5; that means that if you bet $5.00, you would only win $4.00 back because you bet on the odds-on favorite. These odds stem from Belgium’s performance in the rest of the tournament thus far, including their 4-0 win in the “round of 16” match against Belgium immediately prior to this game.

As for Wales, they are certainly the more profitable option between the two teams as the match odds currently have them at 6.00, or 5/1; in other words, a bet of a single dollar will earn you a cool $5.00 in return should Wales pick up the win. It’s interesting to note, however, that these odds don’t stem from Wales being a poor team—they made it to the quarterfinals, after all—but rather from the strength of Belgium’s performance in comparison to their own. Belgium only lost one game in the tournament (to top contender Italy), and in every other game it has shut out the opponents. Meanwhile, Wales has had a bit of a rough go: their only dominating performance coming against Russia and their 1-0 victory against Northern Ireland coming from a goal their opponents accidentally scored on themselves.

The odds in favor of a draw are currently 3.65, or 13/5, so $13.00 made for every $5.00 bet. However, this is the single-elimination stage of a major tournament, meaning there has to be a winner; don’t be expecting to win big via foregoing a “proper” Wales vs. Belgium pick to bet on a tie.

Wales vs. Belgium Spread

When it comes to scoring in both teams’ matches thus far, Wales has generally kept theirs to low-scoring affairs while Belgium’s have ranged from 1-0 to 4-0. Since Wales’ games have generally better reflected the average scores for all teams and games in the Euro 2016 tournament thus far, the scoring odds reflect this, the chances of over 2.5 goals currently sitting at 2.60 (8/5), and the odds of under that same amount are 1.62 (5.8). A Wales vs. Belgium pick against the spread will likely mean betting on either Belgium winning in usual fashion or Wales playing a similar game to what they have been all the way to this quarterfinal match.

Wales vs. Belgium Prediction

While Belgium is seen as the favorite according to the betting odds, it’s important to note that of these two teams’ prior four encounters, Wales won three. Belgium has also shown difficulty against teams with a very strong defense, which is Wales’s most distinguishable trait, meaning the Welsh team could be free to control the pace of the game. While a lot of what the Wales vs. Belgium odds say has merit, the game is not as cut-and-dry as that and both teams have their pros and cons. Either way, if you do choose to bet on this game, remember to do so responsibly.



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