Vin Diesel’s family is one of the most adorable ones in Hollywood, and the star makes sure to keep his personal life mostly under wraps. Although the father of three occasionally does give fans a tiny peek.

He recently posted a photo of the letter his 5-year-old son Vincent wrote to Santa on Instagram. The letter read, “Dear Santa, Be sure to look on the SANTA plate. There will be something for you and the reindeer. Here is my Christmas list. Happy Holidays. Vincent.” The caption simply read, “Blessed.” Indeed, Diesel, 48, must be a proud father. Even fans agreed as they wrote things like, “Omg what (a) sweetie pie. Adore his backwards “n,” and “He has great writing for his age!!! That’s awesome and I love this!!! [sic].”

One follower noticed something surprising and said, “Aw meadow liked it.” Meadow is Meadow Walker, as in the late Paul Walker’s daughter. For those who didn’t know, Vin Diesel is the 16-year-old’s godfather.


Also, November 30 marked the second death anniversary of Paul Walker. His daughter did not share anything on social media concerning it, but Diesel did. He posted a photo of the two of them which had the quote, “Brotherhood has no limits.” Despite the lack of a caption, the image conveyed everything Diesel wanted to say. But fans could not hold back. They filled the comments section with crying emoticons and wrote beautiful, heartbreaking statements: “Any road you take it’ll always lead you home Paul,” and “I’m still so heartbroken son says ma get over it he is late like its not true [sic].” Paul Walker really left a mark on millions of people all around the world with his talent as well as enigmatic personality.

Image Source: Flickr

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