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After the mega success of Furious 7, the eighth installment of the Fast & Furious franchise was inevitable. The trailer of the latest addition will be released on December 11 at Times Square, New York City. Expectations are high after Vin Diesel’s teaser for the trailer.

It’s the movie that the fans have been waiting for. The Fast & Furious 8 trailer is being released on Sunday (December 11) at a special event in New York City. The film is expected to be released in theaters in April 2017. The entire cast of Fast 8 will be present at the venue in Times Square (minus, of course, the late Paul Walker). After all, the movie is mostly set in New York City with the city playing a pivotal part. The movie’s lead actor, Vin Diesel has introduced a teaser for the film’s first trailer. Vin Diesel’s Instagram account features a photograph of him and actress Charlize Theron, with a message asking fans to wait.

Enjoy the Tease

Anticipation and expectations from the long-running franchise’s latest installment are sky high. After all the previous hype surrounding the franchise, Furious 7, was a global blockbuster garnering more than a $1.0 billion at the box office. The Fast 8 teaser features several of the film’s stars discussing what makes this franchise so special. This teaser also features footage from the previous seven films, and some behind-the-scenes footage of the upcoming film. You can also see shots of Charlize Theron, who plays the villain named Cipher in the latest installment.

Wishes Do Come True

The two and half minute trailer will be streamed live from Times Square, New York City with the entire cast in attendance. It’s going to be a fantastic opportunity for fans to see and mingle with their favorite stars from the franchise. Of course, Paul Walker will be sorely missed. Vin Diesel revealed that Walker wanted an eighth installment to be made, so this is all about making Walker’s dream come true. Whether or not you can be at Times Square on December 11, stay tuned for the action packed Fast 8 trailer!


Just wait… December 11th Times Square.

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