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Kim Kardashian was robbed of millions of dollars worth of jewelery, while in Paris on October 3, 2016. CCTV footage of the robbers entering and leaving her hotel has now surfaced. The police are still investigating this incident, while Kardashian is currently taking some time off from the spotlight.

People are still in shock about the Kim Kardashian robbery in Paris, earlier this month. But nobody is more upset than Kardashian herself, and according to reports, she is not doing well. The robbery happened in the early hours of October 3, 2016, when the assailants stole a jewelry box containing valuables worth nearly $7.0 million, and a ring worth $4.5 million! A security video of that night has surfaced, in which Kardashian’s alleged attackers approach, and exit her hotel.

Robbed at Gunpoint

The Kim Kardashian robbery video shows five people (three on bicycles and two on foot) approaching Kardashian’s apartment in the Hotel de Pourtales at 2:19 am on October 3, 2016. According to the police, they were let into the hotel by the concierge, who was handcuffed and threatened at gunpoint. Kardashian has told the police that she was tied up, threatened with a gun, and robbed of her jewelry by the masked and armed robbers.

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Shaken but Unharmed

This whole operation reportedly took 49 minutes to go down. A bag can be seen on the front of one bicycle, as one of the robbers flees the scene. This incident has left Kardashian “badly shaken but physically unharmed,” according to her family.  The French police are still investigating this robbery, but so far, no one has been arrested.

The Disappearing Act

Kardashian is now back in the United States with her family. She is spending time at her home in Los Angeles with her children. She has rarely ventured out since returning from Paris, so the paparazzi has only been able to catch her on a few occasions, with a hooded sweatshirt covering her face. Kardashian has not posted anything on her social media accounts, which is also very out of her character. According to her family, she is taking a much-needed rest.


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