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RHOC star, Vicki Gunvalson had a bad trip to Iceland, where she may have suffered a heart attack. The reality star was wheeled out of her bed, and the show ended in a cliffhanger! Find out all about Vicki Gunvalson’s sickness and what happened on the latest entertaining episode of RHOC.

The Real Housewives of Orange County’s latest episode aired with a huge twist that has left viewers hanging until next week. Vicki Gunvalson and her friends went on a trip to the subarctic country of Iceland and bad luck followed. The trip began on a jovial note, with all the women excited to go on the all-girls trip to experience something different, but for Vicki Gunvalson it became a medical nightmare. Read on for more about the stressful episode.

Did Vicki Gunvalson “Go Whoop It” in the Previous Episode?

It was all hunky-dory in the beginning, when all the ladies were more than thrilled to visit Iceland. There was a lot of speculation that Vicki and Tamra were going to continue their feud, but the two surprised everyone by being very cordial and having fun with each other. They went out shopping and stopped to smell the flowers (metaphorically speaking), and the rest of the girls were all pretty relaxed, too.

Also, there is a baby on board people! Meghan King Edmonds was accompanied by none other than her little angel, Aspen. She also brought along Bridget, who is her nanny. The 33-year-old was glad to soak up some sun (at 10 p.m. no less), and have a great trip. The wife of Major League Baseball star Jim Edmonds said, “My life isn’t about me anymore, it’s about my baby.”

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The ladies gagged, enjoyed, and squirmed a little when they tried some of the local delicacies and Icelandic cuisine. They sampled some fermented shark, and the infamous puffin, but Lydia was not a huge fan of the dish. It was all going well until they went glacier hiking. Once the ladies hit some ice in Iceland, they were all mesmerized by the view, and returned to their lodges, unaware about Vicki’s health.

When the ladies returned to the lodge, Vicki was not feeling well at all. In an interview with Bravo, she said that she didn’t know what was happening to her and was it because of lack of water or something else. Vicki Gunvalson chose to sleep it off and didn’t even go to dinner that night, and the next thing she knew, she thought she was having a heart attack. Gunvalson blacked out, and said that her arm was numb, and her heart was racing. As first responders came to help, she told the Iceland cops that she was feeling sick and that she might be having a heart attack.

The 55-year-old experienced many symptoms that would lead to believe a heart attack was on its way, like nausea, weakness, and a pain in the arm. “Since yesterday I have not been feeling well. I feel like my heart is racing like a billion miles a minute and I don’t have a watch,” said the very pale looking Vicki Gunvalson. Kelly and Peggy did their best to keep Vicki calm during the whole process and no matter what the women said, Vicki’s situation began to worsen, and they had to take her out of there. She later said that when some of the other women asked her if they should join her in the hospital, she said “go whoop it,” and maybe they did exactly that!

How is Vicki Gunvalson Doing Now?

The episode ended on this note, and though it wasn’t a surprise (because the trailer of the season had already shown Vicki on a stretcher), we are still waiting to find out what really happened to Vicki Gunvalson. There is no further news regarding the episode and Gunvalson’s health, but Entertainment Tonight said that in a previous interview, Vicki joked that “they tried to kill her.” “I don’t remember a lot of it,” she had teased back when the season was new, making sure she didn’t give away too much information.

The latest episode has left fans curious about what might happen next, and we are very excited, too! Don’t forget to watch Real Housewives of Orange County Mondays, 9:00 p.m. EST only on Bravo TV.