If you have been watching the hit E! show, then you have already been introduced to the Second Wives Club cast. Many are shifting their attention to one of the ladies on the show, who is reeling from the recent discovery of her husband’s unfaithfulness. Here is everything you need to know about her in our Veronika Obeng wiki.

Second Wives Club premiered on May 4, 2017 on E! and fans are already buzzing. It follows the professional and personal lives of several women who are, or will be, the second wives of their husbands or fiancé’s.

Veronika Obeng is currently soaking up all the limelight after finding out that her husband, Michael Obeng, had an affair.

Veronika Obeng’s Wiki

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Veronika Obeng’s birthday is February 23, and she is a country girl who grew up in the small town of Spiro, Oklahoma. She grew up with five brothers and a sister. While raising her own child, she studied at and graduated from the University of Oklahoma. Veronika also has a website, where she blogs about her life as a mother.

Veronika and Michael Obeng

Veronika is Michael’s third wife. They have three children together, along with five others from previous relationships. Since the show’s filming, it was discovered that Michael was cheating on Veronika, and they filed for divorce in July 2016.

Drama Surrounding Veronika and Michael’s Divorce

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When Veronika discovered about Michael’s infidelity, Second Wives Club was still filming. To avoid the aftermath of his affair, Michael attempted to sue E! stating that he was asked to portray an “unrealistic and manufactured personality” that could harm his business. He further asked the network not to include his children.

Veronika Obeng further revealed that her husband not only had an affair, but also slept with prostitutes! In an interview, she said, “I had a lot of negativity enter my life a week or so after shooting. I decided to live my truth because so many women don’t. And I thought, ‘why did I sign up for a reality TV show and not live my truth?’ – Living my truth for so many women. I refuse to be a prisoner to the camera or my situation.” She further added, “If you want to judge, or call me a gold digger, this is my truth, take it or leave it.”

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