Dr. Michael Obeng agreed to be on the reality show Second Wives Club because he thought it would help his business grow. According to him, it destroyed his marriage instead. Though he filed a lawsuit against the network, the episode still aired.

The show was supposed to boost his career, but Dr. Michael Obeng claims that it has ruined his marriage with Veronika Obeng. The board certified Beverly Hills plastic surgeon specializes in cosmetic surgery. Michael Obeng’s net worth is a cool $8.0 million, thanks to his successful practice. He was Veronika Obeng’s husband while filming Second Wives Club, a reality TV show surrounding the personal and professional lives of a group of women whose husbands or fiancés are successful and wealthy men with ex-wives. Veronika claims that she has proof of Michael Obeng’s mistress, and his infidelity is one of the several reasons why she divorced him.

Caught Red Handed

Veronika and Michael Obeng filed for divorce in July 2016, after she discovered her husband’s affair through a secret Instagram page owned by Obeng’s mistress. Despite having three children with the doctor, Veronika decided to leave him. She was filming Second Wives Club at the time, and made the decision to announce Obeng’s infidelity to the public. This was not okay with her husband, who promptly filed a lawsuit against E!, trying to prevent certain episodes from airing.

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Michael Obeng’s Lawsuit

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His lawsuit claims that Obeng agreed to participate in the show, with the hopes that it would promote his business. He also believed that it would highlight their happy marriage. Obeng’s concern was that, “The series was nothing about the couple’s happy marriage.” He claims that he had to display an “unrealistic and manufactured personality,” which would harm his business if those episodes were to air. Obeng also demanded that his children not be included in the show. He sued NBC Universal, the parent company of E! Network, seeking an injunction that prevents them from airing or promoting the episodes in which Obeng appears.

Too Little, Too Late

Unfortunately for Michael Obeng, Second Wives Club premiered on May 4, 2017, and the episode he did not want to air, did. A representative for the show told Variety, “E! has not received a complaint and will not comment on this matter.” To make things worse for Obeng, Veronika revealed in an interview that the portrayal of their failed marriage is very accurate and things were actually much worse than what the cameras showed. Not only did Obeng have an affair with a mistress, he also cheated with prostitutes.

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The Show Goes On

Veronika never imagined that things would turn out this way when she signed up for the show. She says that the “negativity” with Obeng started organically about “a week or so after shooting” started. Michael Obeng’s affair not only cost him his marriage, but also made him out to be a villain. With his failed attempts at preventing the episode’s release, Obeng now has his ex-wife airing out their dirty laundry.  With millions of viewers tuning in, the show might not have boosted the doctor’s business, but it definitely got his name out there!

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