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NBC seems to have another hit on their hands with their new TV show, Powerless featuring Vanessa Hudgens. Watch Hudgens as she saves people from collateral damage resulting from the epic fights between the forces of good and evil.

With four shows currently on the air based on characters from DC Comics, NBC has announced the premiere date for their latest TV series, Powerless. The Powerless premiere date will be February 2, 2017 on NBC. Vanessa Hudgens’ new show was green-lighted in August 2015 and is the first sitcom based in the DC Universe. Vanessa Hudgens is delighted and celebrated this news with an impromptu jig with her co-stars. You can check out pictures of the celebration on Vanessa Hudgens’ Instagram account.

Helping Good People

Powerless is an upcoming series set within the DC Universe, and takes a look at how the world of superheroes alters the lives of human beings. Vanessa Hudgens plays a spunky, young Director of Research & Development named Emily Locke, who wants to help people against the collateral damage when superheroes and villains clash. She works for Wayne Security, which specializes in products that make regular, powerless, people feel safer in a world of superheroes and supervillains. Vanessa Hudgens’ pics and videos from the show can be found on her Instagram, so make sure to follow her for more information on Powerless!

Vanessa Hudgens New Show

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Normal is Not Boring!

Emily is confident and has lots of good ideas, but finds herself limited by her boss and coworkers. She takes it upon herself to lead the team and, in the process, learns an invaluable lesson: you don’t have to have superpowers to be a hero! The series may feature some characters from DC Comics as it goes on, but the Crimson Fox is the only character to been confirmed at this time.

Join the Good Fight

We will have to wait a little while longer to see this show on NBC. Emily stands for the common men and women who get caught up in this massive showdown between the powerful superheroes and the villains who have only destruction on their mind. So, be there on February 2, 2017, to cheer her on as she stands up for the powerless!


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