Photo: ABC/Mitch Haaseth

There are now 22 beautiful women vying for Nick Viall’s heart on The Bachelor. One of these ladies is Vanessa Grimaldi. We have everything you need to know Vanessa Grimaldi’s job right here.

If you saw the premiere of The Bachelor then you met Vanessa Grimaldi. She not only made a big impression on Nick Viall, but also on fans. What does Vanessa Grimaldi do for a living? We have all that and more in this article.

Vanessa from The Bachelor was the second person to enter the mansion, and introduced herself to Viall in French. Although, he did not understand a word she said, he was intrigued.

According to sources, Vanessa Grimaldi will be in the final four along with Rachel Lindsay, Raven Gates, and Corinne Olympios. These sources speculate that Grimaldi will be Viall’s pick.

Vanessa Grimaldi is from Montreal, Canada and is fluent in Italian, English and French. For those wondering about Vanessa Grimaldi’s job, she is a special education teacher.

If you take a look at Vanessa Grimaldi’s IMDB page, you will notice that she has appeared in shows like Blue Mountain State, Being Human and Ascension. Video game buffs might have also seen her on YouTube showcasing new video game releases.

Because of her seemingly budding acting career, some have questioned whether Vanessa Grimaldi is on the show for further recognition, or for love. Only time will tell if she is in it for the right reasons. Keep watching The Bachelor Monday nights at 8:00 p.m. on ABC to see how everything plays out.