Vanessa Bryant Wiki: 5 Facts to Know about Kobe Bryant’s Wife

Vanessa & Kobe Bryant
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It looks like Kobe Bryant was destined to be surrounded by beautiful women, since the former Los Angeles Laker is a father once again! Kobe and his wife, Vanessa recently welcomed their third daughter into the world!

Multiple reports have already confirmed the newest addition to the Bryant family, leaving fans to search key words like “Vanessa Bryant baby shower,” “Vanessa Bryant ethnicity,” and “Vanessa Bryant kids.” But, since we know all about Vanessa Bryant’s husband, we thought you should get to know Vanessa better, with our Vanessa Bryant wiki. And, in case you were searching for “Vanessa Bryant age” (and let’s face it, you probably were), the mother of three is only 34! She’s just four years younger than Kobe and it looks like all of her dreams have come true.

Early Life

Vanessa Laine Bryant was born on May 5, 1982 in Huntington Beach, California to Mexican parents. Her birth name is actually Vanessa Cornejo Urbietaand her mother is Sofia Laine. Vanessa’s father’s identity is unknown, but she took her stepfather Stephen Laine’s last name.


Meeting Kobe

Vanessa met her husband when she was filming a music video as an extra, and Kobe happened to be in the same building at the same time. They instantly hit it off and she was instantly swarmed by photographers, while trying to attend Marina High School at the time. The media attention forced her to finish high school through independent study.

Kobe’s Parents Didn’t Want Them to Get Married

Although Kobe and Vanessa got married when he was 22 and she was 19, they had a slight roadblock on the way to their happily ever after. Kobe’s parents didn’t want them to get married! Why? They thought the pair were too young to get married at the time —and with no prenuptial agreement. Kobe’s parents didn’t attend the wedding as a result, and there were rumors that they didn’t approve of Vanessa not being African American. But none of that stopped Vanessa and Kobe from having the happy family they always wanted!


The Trial

You may not remember, but Kobe was once on trial for a sexual assault charge, for which he was not convicted. He did however have a sexual encounter, for which Vanessa forgave him of. She stood by him during the trial and called off the divorce. She was reportedly getting half of his $150.0 million fortune, since there was no prenup over the course of their 10-year marriage.

It’s a Girl!

Vanessa and Kobe welcomed their third daughter, but there’s no information on which hospital or the name of the baby, yet. During their 15 years of marriage, they are already parents to daughters Natalia Diamante, 13, and Gianna Maria-Onore,10.


There are no pics of the baby yet but, Kobeinitally took to Instagram to share the good news of Vanessa’s pregnancy.

“Beyond blessed and excited to share that we are expecting our third baby girl!!! #Blessed #BabyMamba #Thankful,” Kobe captioned the shot.

Congratulations to the Bryant family!