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Many people are upset with Donald Trump becoming the newest President of the United States. Even CNN contributor, Van Jones is upset with the outcome. On November 9, right when the election results were declared, Jones gave a passionate speech on his views regarding the election results. Here is everything you need to know about the political activist, author, and attorney.

Van Jones has a Twin Sister 

Born as Anthony Kapel “Van” Jones on September 20, 1968, in Jackson, Tennessee, Jones has a twin sister named Angela Jones. Their mother, Loretta Jean, was a teacher at a high school, and their father was a principal. Jones’ grandfather was the senior bishop in the Christian Methodist Episcopal Church, and Jones often accompanied his grandfather to religious conferences. A die-hard fan of Bobby and John Kennedy, Jones had pinned photographs of them to a bulletin board. If you are wondering about Van Jones’ wife and kids, then you should know that he is married to Jana Carter and the couple have two sons.

Jones’ Education and Internship

After completing high school, Jones attended the University of Tennessee at Martin to pursue a B.S. in communication and political science. He interned at three different companies, the Shreveport Times (Louisiana), Jackson Sun (Tennessee), and the Associated Press (Nashville).

Right after he graduated from university, Jones left his hometown to attend Yale Law School. In 1993, he graduated and moved to San Francisco to further pursue his career.

Van Jones’ Net Worth

Van Jones’ net worth is estimated to be around $1.1 million, which shows how financially sound his career and life is. Van Jones’ salary, and other details about his endorsements, are not disclosed. He has recently become one of the most talked about people, especially after Van Jones’ speech on CNN after the results of the election were announced.

Van Jones’ Extensive Career

Jones is a co-founder of several non-profit organizations such as the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, Color of Change, and Green for All. In 2011, he founded Rebuild the Dream, a national advocacy organization working towards a fairer economy.

Additionally, Jones has written several books such as The Green Collar Economy and Rebuild the Dream. He also served as President Barack Obama’s Special Advisor for Green Jobs. Currently, he is the President of Dream Corps and also a regular CNN contributor.

He was Part of Several Activism Programs

Jones has also been a part of several activist programs, including the Rodney King verdict and Bay Area PoliceWatch. Also, Jones was part of a grassroots organization called Colors of Change, in order to “strengthen Black America’s political voice.” He parted with the group amicably two years later and put his focus into other ventures, such as the environment.

Seeing his performance and contribution, many individuals suggested that he should find out a solution to solve the problem of Ebola, which Jones has discussed and has responded to in a positive manner. He also is involved in (and supports) CNN, as he appears on the show Crossfire. Crossfire greatly helped Jones build his career graph which, in turn, increased his fame.

Van Jones’ Whitelash Video

Van Jones has always been in the spotlight for what he stands for, but rarely his personal life. He is now in the public eye for expressing his views about Donald Trump becoming president. The video of Jones discussing the topic has gone viral, and he has stated that he is scared of how he will explain this presidential change to his children. If you have not seen Van Jones’ video, then we have the link below for you to watch. What do you think about his speech? Do you think he is right? Or do you disagree? Let us know in the comments below.