While Val Kilmer firmly denies getting surgery to remove a cancerous tumor on his throat, he arrived at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) on August 11 looking very thin and wearing a scarf around his mouth and neck. Whatever “procedure” the 55-year-old actor has undergone is still seemingly affecting him, considering the makeshift mask he donned.

Kilmer was barely recognizable as he arrived at the airport. He was pictured wearing a sweatshirt with the hood up, despite the heat in California, along with dark sunglasses.

The Top Gun actor was rushed to the hospital earlier this year in February when his throat began to bleed because of what doctors discovered to be a tumor.


TMZ reports that the Kilmer knew about the tumor for a while—his neck reportedly got so swollen that he had to persistently cover it up and struggled to speak. But even still, he was refusing treatment due to his firm beliefs in Christian Science, which advocates healing by prayer as opposed to surgery. After the bleeding, doctors had no choice but to operate.

However, Kilmer has vehemently denied these rumors, as well as the fact that he even had a tumor or was fighting cancer. On June 13, he announced to his fans on Facebook that despite him covering up his face in public, they had nothing to worry about. He claimed there was no cancer or tumor, but that he had some swelling from an unnamed procedure that “was not an operation on this area.” He added that he was in good health. He also thanked his followers for their support and mentioned that he was having “a grand time.”


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