U.S.A. vs. Argentina: Time, TV Channel, & Lineup Copa America Semifinal

US vs Arg

The U.S.A. vs. Argentina starting lineups, including both the U.S.A. and Argentina starting XI (11), are soon to be finalized and the game as part of the Copa America 2016 tournament semifinals, is set to be broadcast live. A tournament largely unfamiliar to Western sports fans, interest is now at an all-time high thanks to the tournament being held in the United States itself. If this describes you and you’re asking questions like “When is U.S.A. vs. Argentina?” and “Why should I care about the U.S. or Argentina lineup?” then this is the article to read. We’ll break down all the details about the game, from the U.S.A. lineup to both countries’ standing in the tournament to the U.S.A. vs. Argentina TV channel for what is sure to be an exciting game of soccer/football.

This game is the first of two semifinal matches, the other taking place a day after this one between Colombia and Chile. The U.S. is coming off an exciting 2-1 win over Ecuador in the quarterfinals while Argentina last had a dominating performance over Venezuela, winning 4-1. Both teams are actually currently riding a winning streak with America holding three straight wins while Argentina, the only team in the tournament to have won all their matches thus far, have four straight.

One of the United States Men’s national team’s most historic moments is a victory against Argentina: a 3-0 victory at the 1995 Copa America at a time where Argentina were the defending champs in considered one of the best teams in the world. Obviously this isn’t the same team or same players, but that this U.S.A. selection made it to the semifinals says they are plenty capable of a victory against any of the other three teams still in the tournament at this point.

However, the Argentina starting XI can be considered an advantage over the U.S. starting XI. How? Because they’re all present for tonight’s game. The American team will be without midfielder Jermaine Jones due to a red card and midfielder Alejandro Bedoya and striker Bobby Wood thanks to one yellow card too many. This could be seen as a major crippling of the lineup and a deciding factor in the match. Longtime fans and newcomers to following the sport would also be foolish to disregard an important fact: Argentina is currently the highest ranked team in the world, according to the FIFA rankings. However, as big a factor as you may consider this: remember the above example from over two decades ago.


Also keep in mind that the Argentina team includes Lionel Messi, considered by many to be the greatest player in the world today, if not of all time. Shutting down Messi may even be more important that holding back the rest of the Argentine team, and his mere presence on the field makes the U.S. the underdogs. Which isn’t so say that the U.S.A. lineup is lacking firepower as Clint Dempsey will be looking to score for a fourth straight game, being the first on the American team to score a goal in every instance.

As for the details of the match, including the U.S.A vs. Argentina start time and location, check out the information below:

DATE: Tuesday, June 21, 2016



LOCATION: NRG Stadium in Houston, Texas


LIVE STREAM: FOX Sports Go and FOX Soccer 2Go

LINEUPS: As of this writing, the lineups and starting formations for both the United States and Argentina have not been confirmed. However, when they are, be it the U.S.A. starting XI or the entire Argentina selection, you will be able to find that information here.


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